The Silent 7

The name of the newest member of the CBR’s wildly popular CBR Bull Team Challenge League sounds more like the newest installment of the Halloween thriller movie series. But contrary to the name of this exciting new team, its owner is anything but silent.

Bethe Deal of Sabinal, Texas enjoyed her team’s first outing and by the end of the Mercedes event she was thrilled to land in third place just 4.04 points from the Mercedes Hyo Silver championship buckle.

“When I see something I want to do, I just start learning about it and go do it,” said Bethe Deal, mother of two, racehorse owner and breeder, and now bucking bull stock contractor. Assuming we could fit all that on a business card, you need to only be in Mrs. Deal’s presence for a few minutes to know and feel her enthusiasm for life, in a large way.     

“I grew up on 18,000 acres where polled Hereford cattle were raised, my father roped calves, I rode hunters and jumpers and I love anything that includes animals,” continued Bethe from her West Medina County ranch, which is located to enjoy the finest of both South Texas and the Texas Hill Country. 

With all that land and a performance based past, it seems it was just a matter of time before bucking bulls crossed her path.

Deal, now residing with her husband and children nearby, works from a historic property that was originally a racehorse farm, Valdina Farms.  Dating back to the 1930’s, this ranch was once famous for horseracing, called by the New York Times one of the largest and most famous racing stables of its time. It is rumored that the Valdina Farms once sent more horses to the Kentucky Derby than any other horse stable in the country outside of the state of Kentucky.

“Three years ago, continued Mrs. Deal, I purchased my first set of bucking bulls. My ex-husband was a former bull rider so I was always impressed with the athletic ability of those animals and I just jumped in.”

The story begins with Joaquin Garza, a former bull rider, who galloped horses for Beth. “I told him I wanted some bulls and he said he would love to help. He still has some of my bulls,” continued Beth who is high on Joaquin’s opinion. 

“I knew Mike Furr (who hauled and flanked the bulls on their first outing) because he used to train racehorses for me.”

My daughter Callie and husband Tanner Honnaker are raising some bulls and they should have some on the way to the events pretty soon. Callie has made her debut with the bulls flanking a few two year olds on the Women’s Futurity side and hauled bulls occasionally for the brand. 

“Everybody has treated us great and we are happy to be here, they make us feel so welcome.”

The Silent 7 Team assembled their bulls with the anchor being 9103 Red Solo Cup, who came from Mack Altizer, and represented the Silent 7 bull team in Mercedes. He pulled in the Bull of the Event / High Marked rank bull score of the night with 91 total points on a four-judge system and was purchased by Silent 7 before the end of the evening. 

9103 Red Solo Cup is sired by the legendary T64 Walk This Way who ended his career with a 95.83% buck off average during his six years of bucking on the professional circuits. It is not a secret or surprise that 9103 bucks. He is a grandson of the great Bodacious on the sire side of his pedigree and hails from a Wrangler Rivet momma cow which just happens to be the mother of the great bucker, El Patron 30.

871 Hell Pony, a grandson of the great Chaos, is co-owned with Shawn Davis and was a CBR Finals bull in 2014 carrying Jacob O’Mara for 88 points in his first CBR World Finals appearance.

According to Furr, he and Bethe selected the team based on bulls that were rider friendly and one rank one. “We don’t have a lot of bulls, but we have some, we want bulls that will work, but we are somewhat limited at this point, but it worked tonight.”

Hell Pony and Boondoggle have both been on a team before. Boodoggle is a son of Avalanche.

“When the first group of bulls was bought I thought I wanted to do this. Joaquin Garza got us started for the bull team and we want to thank Mack Altizer as well for supplying us the great bull.”

“We are entered in Hobbs for our second outing and Del Rio, which is close to home and a legendary favorite for the third,” said Bethe.

In conclusion, Bethe had this to say about her newest venture, “I don’t profess to know this business, but know what I know and know what I don’t know. That helps. Don’t want the bulls just to say I have bulls, I want to be competitive. I am interested in building a good program and enjoying it along the way. We have a long way to go but are thrilled with our first out.”