Fearless... Sometimes

Your costume is ready, the pumpkins are carved, and there's a gallon of apple cider in the fridge. Now all you need to make Halloween complete is a good horror story. Fear not: Championship Bull Riding has got you covered.

With Halloween just around the corner, we went down into the crypt, opened the coffin, and summoned a few bull riding horror stories from the riders that have been lucky enough to survive “The Monster Squad”.  

Behold -- it's CBR’s Horror Countdown, a compendium of bull riding and bucking bull horror stories with enough Gremlins, Monster Makers, Critters, and Hocus Pocus to keep your spine tingling long after your trick-or-treat candy has gone stale.


Cody Rostockyj

First up is the No. 1 ranked bull rider in the CBR standings, Cody Rostockyj as Ernest Scared Stupid.

“Scariest bull riding moment for me would have to be last year in Reno and happened to my traveling partner Kanin Asay. He got stepped on and it sheared his helmet open and sliced his ear off where it was just flapping against his head. When we first got to him I thought he was okay, but after he crawled away and rolled over, we could see his ear was just flapping with all the skin and everything around it torn off his head.

When I get hurt, it is easy not to worry too much, but to see a friend get hurt like that, I didn’t know what to think… or do.”

According to Rostockyj, the scariest bull to him was Gatormade, owned by Rafter H. He was not that bad to ride but he hooked everybody that ever tried him.


Sage Kimzey

The No. 2 ranked CBR bull rider, for now, and the 2014 CBR and PRCA World Champion replied quickly, “I don’t really get scared of anything,” replied the Teflon cowboy who is the current leader of the PRCA heading into the National Finals Rodeo in December. On second thought Kimzey replied paying respect to the past and Tuff Hedeman, “Bodacious” would have to top his list for scariest bulls. At 1900 pounds of pure muscle, and only six qualified rides in almost 200 outs, Kimzey is probably right on the money.


Corey Bailey

Mahindra Young Gun and the bull rider that has earned the title “Mr. Consistency” - Corey Bailey of Paris, Tennessee - recounts his scariest moment in bull riding.

“I was in Mitchell, South Dakota at the CBR Horizon event and I rode my bull, but when I got off my spur caught the flank and he drug me around for a few seconds. But when I hit the ground it knocked me out – all I remember is waking up on a table wondering where I was, how I got there and I couldn’t remember any of the other bull riders or anything! That’s probably the scariest thing ever…not being able to remember anything!”


Eli Vastbinder

Fellow Mahindra Young Gun Eli Vastbinder talks about a difficult moment in his career and says after watching his wreck on video, he has come to the conclusion the old saying is true, “you pay to play.”

“My scariest bull riding moment was earlier this year when I got hurt at a bull riding in Alabama. I had a bull named Heavy Dose from Ricky West and I had the bull in the short round – all I had to do was ride him to win the bull riding. The bull is known to be hard to ride and known to bring guys down on his head and that’s exactly what he did to me as I bounced around on top of the bulls head with my hand still stuck in my rope – he managed to knock me out and step on me till my hand did come out and when I came to… he was still after me hooking me with his horns throwing me around the arena. The bull fighter couldn’t get him away from me and as soon as  they did get him off of me I realized my leg wasn’t right and I looked down and seen a hole in my leg as round as a soda can and 46 stitches later and it still bothers me to this day.”

*21 Heavy Dose has a 83% buck off average.


Reid Barker

Top ten cowboy and National Finals Rodeo qualifier Reid Barker recounts a 2014 out that he will always remember.

“Easily one of the scariest moments that I remember was in Casper, Wyoming in the short round. I was right in the mix of things with an 80 something point bull ride and had drawn the bull to win or place well on. I was riding hot at the time and really excited to keep seeing all these great bulls by my name everywhere I was going. That night Super Macho (Summit Pro Rodeo) and I were making a heck of a ride, leaping forward and snapping over hard away from my hand. At about 6 seconds of Super Macho had enough and lunged forward the other way, snatching my feet behind me. My right eye was crushed by his left horn, and my hand stayed in the rope until I slid off his hind end. Before I hit the ground he extended his legs and kicked me in the back of the head, flipping me from landing on my back to slamming on my face. I woke up in the hospital confused until my buddy told me what happened."

And for the scariest statement of all, Reid Barker adds, "I hope I draw him again, I owe him few.” 

*95 Super Macho has an 87.1% buck off average.


Wyatt Rogers

Eighteen year old Wyatt Rogers got on his scariest bull at the tender age of 15.

“My personal scariest bull I have seen or seen is Buckhorn of David Baileys. He is known for flipping over on guys and breaking their legs! They turn him out a lot a rodeos and I got on him when I was 15, he bucked me off, but it was a personal challenge to just get on and I learned a lot of respect just getting on and not turning him out.”

*W54 Buckhorn has a 100% buck off average.


If you still want to be a cowboy after these stories, you might want to try the new Urban Cowboy costume for your trick or treating!

Happy Halloween!

Photo Credit: 2014 Cathy Becker Photography