Carpenter, Hudgins, and Johnson Return to the Winner’s Circle

Since its beginning in 2012, the CBR Championship Futurity Tour (CFT) has grown into one of the most competitive limited aged events in the industry. The 2015 CBR’s CFT season came to an end with a total of 83 teams competing throughout the year. The special event series, produced by CBR, featured a pair of two-year-old futurities comprised of three bulls per team competing in Lufkin, Texas, Las Vegas, Nevada, and the CFT World Finale held in conjunction with the Conroe Bull Mania on October 3 in Conroe, Texas. A combined purse of $227,500 was awarded at the three individual events since January. 

The 2015 rules of the CFT were amended this year requiring that at least one bull, on the three bull teams competing in the CFT World Finale, had competed in one of the previous 2015 season qualifying events. 

The 2-year-old youngsters were judged on their kick, strength, and intensity - simultaneously, with how quickly they turn back with speed. Judging the future of the bucking bull industry was Roach Hedeman, Mel Kimbro, Robbie Teel, and Layne McCasland. 

The competition was close all year and at the second qualifying event only one point separated first second and third places. H.D. Page from Ardmore, Oklahoma took home not one, but two championship buckles from the 2015 CBR CFT. Page’s DAM Cattle Company and Bulls Gone Wild teams were crowned the Champion and Reserve Champion of both the Lufkin and Las Vegas events.  

But five months later after the bulls had grown, matured, and been bucked a few more times, the top teams were scrambled and a new leader emerged. 


The highest marked two-year-old bucking bull of the Conroe CFT Finale was A19, Beserk, owned and bucked by Chad Ramer and David Findley of Rockin R Bucking Bulls in Sulphur, Oklahoma. A19 led his team to their third place finish and was the only bull to receive unanimous scores of 23 plus points from all four judges for a total of 92.75. A19 was the solid anchor of Ramer’s third place team, which took home $14,000 for their 265.75 points of effort. A19 was also the highest marked bull at the UBBI Finals in the team competition two weeks earlier and heads to the ABBI Finals later this month.

A19 is a son of Frontier and Teague’s former super star bucker, 09 California Dreamin, a son of Automatic who retired with a 72.2 buck off percentage. Rockin R was the 2014 CFT World Champion Futurity team. Also on Ramer’s third place team was A1, a 20U Shepherd Tested bull out of a daughter of Mudslinger owned by Bob and Jeri Adams.


Named on Saturday as the top team in Championship Bull Riding’s Futurity World Finale, the trio of Carpenter, Hudgins, and Johnson were the winners for the second time in three seasons of the CBR’s CFT Finale for two-year-old bucking bulls.

The Texas trio was presented a check for $50,000, a custom Hyo belt buckle and a pair of custom Fenoglio boots for their bull’s top performances as a group. 

Winning the inaugural CBR Futurity Championship in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hudgins and Carpenter launched their career in the CBR’s franchised league in the fall of 2013 when they won with three sons of Jailhouse Rock. In 2014, Carpenter and Hudgins team finished in the money with a 7th place check.

Anchoring the South Texas based team this year was 313 Zorro de Toro, a son of Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo’s Zorro and out of an Oscar’s Velvet cow. 313 marked 91.5 points, which was the second highest marked bull of the CBR CFT World Finale.  This same bull was also the second highest marked individual bull at the UBBI National Finals Futurity and team competition and won an impressive $29,000 in UBBI earnings this year. 

“I won $11,000 with him at the American Heritage Futurity, and about $11,000 with him at the UBBI Finals last week,” said Hudgins about the bull that he raised, trained, and flanked all year on the competitive circuits.

“I bought him from, he had the bloodlines to be a contender and I took a chance on him. I raised him and he has had the same trip each and every time we buck him,” continued Jay Hudgins as he tried on his newly awarded Fenoglio boots behind the chutes. “I bucked him seven times this year and today was his rankest and highest marked trip.”

Danny Johnson was given credit for the second two calves on the team. 199 Special Agent Johnson, named by Ricky Carpenter, is a Johnson raised calf out of Mud Cat. “This bull has been solid all year,” said Johnson. He was marked an 87.

“The winning team was assembled with Hudgin’s 313 as the foundation of the team,” said Carpenter. “Then we went for a rock solid one, and called Danny Johnson - we had seen his bulls all year and they were solid every time,” continued Carpenter.

208 Sledge Hammer, also a Houdini son out of a Backlash daughter, was the third and final bull. Also raised by Johnson, 208 hails from Houdini genetics and according to Johnson a bit unpredictable. But today was his best trip yet, an 89 point score for his efforts which gave the team a total 267.50 which was 1.5 points ahead of the second place team of Bulls Gone Wild, owned by D&H Cattle Company.

“Danny got two ready and Jay got the other bull ready for the competition and we are all three good friends and good coworkers,” added Carpenter.

D&H Cattle Company / Barthold / Dunn / Gordon / Love / OK Corralis brought the Reserve Champion of the 2015 CFT competition team. H.D. Page bucked three seasoned bulls for a total score of 266. 60-3 Inferno, sired by Crossfire and out of a Surefire cow, led the D&H Cattle Company owned team called Bulls Gone Wild with an 89-point bull score. Inferno, fresh off a $15,000 win at the UBBI Finals, was judged the best two-year-old bucker in their individual rank bull competition. Page’s 306 Snake Bit, sired by 83 Don Phillipe, and owned by Chase Love, was also part of the UBBI Reserve Champion futurity team and was 88.75. 6A Test Fire, son of Shepherd Hills Tested and out of a Crossfire Hurricane cow, was the third bull posting 88.25.

Mike Sellers / Denny and Cord McCoy produced the fourth place team with the standout on that team being 302 Opus, who was the 2015 UBBI Champion. The other two members of Sellers and McCoy’s team were both raised by Seller’s carrying the Up The Creek ranch brand with 193, a son of Above Cut, adding to his 2015 earnings of more than $20,000. The 377 bull, a son of Make You Famous. 

D&H Cattle Company / Barthold / Dunn / Erwin Cattle / Flinn / Gordon / OK Corralis with a total score of 262.50 was the second entry for D&H Cattle Company referred to in the competition as DAM Cattle Company. 397A Frequent Flyer anchored this team with a 90 point bull score. 397A is a son of 33T Double Oak and a Best Shot cow that is sired by Stray Kitty and owned with Erwin Cattle Company.

The second bull was 24A-, a son of 77 Jughead and out of a Smooth Move cow and co-owned with Flinn. 24A- marked an 85.75 while his partner 98A Hurricane Hustler, another Crossfire Hurricane bull, was an 86.75 as the third team bull and is a partnership bull of Barthold / Dunn / Gordon / OK Corralis. 

2015 CBR CFT World Finale Results

1. Ricky Carpenter / Carpenter & Hudgins, 267.5 points, $50,000 2. Bulls Gone Wild, 266 points, $22,500 3. Rockin R Bucking Bulls, 265.75 points, $14,000 4. Sellers / McCoy #1, 264.25 points, $10,000 5. DAM Cattle Co, 262.5 points, $7,500 6. Strickland / Melton Bull Co, 261.25 points, $6,000 7. Barn2Buck, 259.5 points, $5,000

Editor’s Note:

The CFT is a team competition where three two-year-old bulls compete against each other. These bulls buck for five seconds with a 25 pound dummy on their back that is remotely released after the five seconds.  Each bull is judged in five categories: buck, kick, spin, intensity, & degree of difficulty.