Giving the Competition a Lift

Most bull riders on the Championship Bull Riding (CBR) Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour are not apt to give their competition any kind of lift, but after celebrating Mahindra handoff week, World Champion Bull Rider Cody Teel, Stock Contractor and World Champion Bull Team owner Mike Rawson, and Bull of the Year owner Chris Knapp, would probably disagree. 

Winning the 2015 CBR World Championship title was a spectacular moment in the Kountze, Texas cowboy’s career, but picking up the keys to his new Mahindra eMax 22 Gear tractor at David Self Tractors in Buna, Texas was a close second. 

“We are really proud of the accomplishments of this young man in our community,” said David Self, owner of the first Mahindra Tractor Dealership in the United States. Self, who will be in Conroe this weekend to see Teel compete at the Conroe Bull Mania, admits to being a big rodeo fan.    

Teel accepted the brand new tractor from Self and Mahindra as one of the prizes earned alongside the title of CBR 2015 World Champion. 

In addition to Teel picking up his tractor, Mike Rawson and Chris Knapp also participated in the “handoff week” boasting their new rides in Nacogdoches and Dallas, Texas and through the media. 

“Mike Rawson worked twelve long months for the opportunity to drive this tractor out of here,” said Mitch Bell, the manager of T-REX-S Outdoor Store in Nacogdoches, Texas.  

Mitch describes the T-REX-S Outdoor Store’s relationship and sponsorship of the annual CBR Lufkin Bull Bash as the event they look forward to and the best event they work with all year.  I have watched Mike Rawson’s bulls each year at the Bull Bash and know he is very deserving of this tractor as a token of appreciation for his being named 2015 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year. 

“This tractor means a great deal to me, but it’s the way I won it that means the most. Stock Contractor of the Year is voted on by my peers; the bull riders and stock contractors,” said Rawson as he cranked the first of two Mahindra tractors won by the man who also boasts the title World Champion Bull Team.

“Pound for pound,”said T-REX-S owner Rex Perry, “this tractor can out lift anything else out there.” A statement that also describes Mike Rawson’s achievements as well, said Perry as he handed the keys to Rawson in a ceremony in front of the dealership.

“Push more, pull more, and lift more,” joked the reigning World Champion as he described his year hauling bulls on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour. After winning the CBR Stock Contractor of the Year for the second time, Rawson refers to the accomplishment as “being blessed, and prepared.”

Rawson, always with a trailer full of elite bovine athletes, hauled bulls to 13 of the 14 tour events winning a total of over $300,000 in the 2015 CBR season.

Chris Knapp, Mansfield, Texas, picked up his tractor on behalf of CR Corpus Red, CBR Co-Bull of the Year from Robby Cook, owner of Lonestar Ranch Outdoors in Cleburne. “I highly recommend this tractor after just a few weeks of use. Besides the 5 year or 3,000 hour warranty, it is really handy.”

Corpus gets to see his prize daily as Knapp says he has already but the eMax 22 Gear to work. “I really love this tractor, it’s small enough to get in and dig out the muck in the back pens that builds up when you buck bulls. I use it to feed and do all my chores now.”

As a leader in the sport of bull riding, Championship Bull Riding has been in the industry for more than a decade providing fans, stock contractors and our world-class riders and bulls the ultimate experience when attending one of our events. We pride ourselves on promoting the sport of professional level bull riding as well as the cowboys who participate in our organization. On the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne our corporate partners have stepped up and showered the talents of the CBR with exceptional awards and prizes. This year’s lineup at the CBR World Finals was unparalleled.

Mahindra USA Tractors awarded a record four eMax 22 Gear tractors at the CBR World Finals in July to the best of the best on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour.  Each of the following categories received the keys to their new ride: Stock Contractor of the Year, World Champion Bull Rider, World Champion Bull Team, and Bull of the Year. 

It is exciting that this year the Mahindra Max tractors are putting the best of the CBR on the industry’s best tractor. “Mahindra MAX is as strong as a bull, but definitely a lot more comfortable to ride.”

"Mahindra USA's sponsorship of CBR, continues to grow and evolve with the sport," said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA. Mahindra is the second longest tenured sponsor with CBR and they continue to demonstrate commitment to developing innovative partnerships that are meaningful to our customers and CBR fans!