The Breakouts

Life in bull riding revolves around the “what have you done for me lately” philosophy. Bull riders can go from being ranked in the top positions of the World Standings to not even being mentioned – and it can happen in less than two months.

On the other hand, some cowboy athletes can go from being nothing more than average riders to “Tuff’s Picks”, with one good season.

With the CBR World Finals ending the season in July, the 2016 season began in September and Cody Rostockyj, a seasoned veteran, is atop the leaderboard with Sage Kimzey a close second. But after that, three of the top rankings are not so familiar to the fans and regulars on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour. After three stops, Newt Brasfield, Jeffrey Ramagos, and Demond Haynes, are three of those bull riders that can hear opportunity knocking on the CBR door of opportunity. In addition is JT Pettitt who won night one in Huron to launch his CBR career on the televised tour.

As the CBR season is closing in on the completion of its first quarter, let’s take a look at these potential breakout players, assuming they stay healthy, for the 2016 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour.

Before we really dig into prospective bull riders for this list, let it be said that we are not just talking about rookies, but we have selected four cowboys that have made an impact in the young CBR season.


No. 3 Newt Brasfield – Lane, Oklahoma

Newt Brasfield has plenty of bull riding event champion buckles to his name, but the titles that eluded him were from the CBR. After riding only one bull in eight events on the 2014-15 CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour, Newt Brasfield starts the 2015-16 season on an entirely different path. The Okie is riding 50 percent of the bulls he has attempted in CBR competition this season. His rise to the top five in the World Standings began on the second tour stop, Window Rock, Arizona where he rode two to advance to the final round.

He was 89 points on 75 Mr. Wilson to win round one in Window Rock and posted an 86.5 on Championship Pro Rodeo’s One More Dip in the semifinal round. Advancing for the first time to the Shoot Out round, he could not get passed 165 Same Crowe, but finished the event in third place.

Moving on to Laughlin, he rode two for 178.5 points to advance for the second time to the final four round. Finishing second with an 88 on Championship Pro Rodeo and Cude’s 908 Catahoula in round one gave him the No. 2 position coming back for the semifinal round where he won the round with a 90.5 on Mike Rawson’s 92 White Wolf.

In the final round, he would join the last three cowboys who have attempted Painkiller in the no score category, but gather valuable CBR World Standings points and finish the event as the No. 3 rider, only 90.5 points, or one good bull ride away, from the No.2 ranked cowboy, 2014 CBR and PRCA World Champion, Sage Steele Kimzey.

Brasfield is no newcomer to CBR, but he is definitely riding a different route than his rookie year in 2015.


No. 6 Demond Haynes – Houston, Texas

Demond Haynes comes to the CBR not only as a bull rider but as a partner in the CBR Bull Team Challenge competition. Haynes, the reigning National Professional Bull Riders year end champion, made the final four Shoot Out round in his first CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour event in Window Rock, Arizona.

Haynes comes to CBR attention after riding 1925 Painkiller, owned by Amy West, for 89 points. He advanced to the Shoot Out round on his first score after bucking off the Jaynes Gang bull, TNT15 Foreplay, in the semifinal round. Billy Jaynes had this to say about the up and coming bull rider from Houston, Texas.

“Great kid, super polite and not afraid to spur one. When he is riding his best and his confidence is high, he goes for it and that is usually what the great ones do.”

Most people remember Cody Teel riding ZY HEZ twisted, but it was Demond that rode him first at the EG World Finals in December of 2014.

The son of a bull rider, rodeo is all Haynes has ever known. He began his career at age four and by seven he was riding steers. “It’s all I ever wanted to do.”

Demond lives by the philosophy #YoungNHoldn.


No. 7 Jeffrey Ramagos - Zachary, Louisiana

Ramagos didn’t even take up bull riding until he was thirteen years old when he started watching it on television and decided to try it. With no rodeo experience in his family, he taught himself.

“I never had anyone to break it (bull riding) down for me,” claimed the rookie that likes the CBR because the three rounds give you three opportunities and a great pen of consistent bulls.

It was not until this year that Jeffrey stepped up into a starting line-up such as qualifying for the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour stop in Laughlin, Nevada. Known in Louisiana as the “rough talent”, he was selected for the first tour stop based on his Horizon Series points. Last week in his first televised appearance, Ramagos flashed the ability to make it to the final four Shoot Out round with 175.5 on two bulls. Ramagos advanced to the final round by riding Harris’ 01 General Lee and Benny Cude’s 0450 Black Magic. He bucked off the unridden Jaynes Gang bull, TNT15 Foreplay, in the final round, but finished the event in fourth place.

“My first bull I knew I had to do everything right or I’d buck off, like I did on him in a Horizon event the week before, but my second bull felt great, hope to draw him again - my final four bull kicked so hard out of the gate he had me raised up and then he turned back, no blinker on or nothing - when I finally got back up where I needed to be I was so far behind and stretched out on my arm that he bucked me off.”

Despite flying under the bull riding radar after a life threatening injury in 2014 that would have been the end to most careers, Ramagos never quivered about returning to the arena. Swapping his cowboy hat for a helmet, the determined Ramagos was back riding bulls less than eight weeks after being transported by helicopter from Okeechobee, Florida to a major hospital where he had a five hour surgery to put five plates in his face.

Ramagos, an extreme sports enthusiast, would like to be on “Deadliest Catch”, and works out seven days a week. Mixing weights, core strengthening, and cardio are his formula for riding the required eight seconds. The Cajun cowboy who claims pizza as his favorite food would like to raise his own bulls some day and maybe be back at the CBR as a stock contractor.

“It’s your road and yours alone. Others may walk with you, but no one can walk it for you.” - Jeffrey Ramagos via Facebook.


JT Pettit – Odessa, Texas

Pettitt, the second of the breakout boys on the CBR’s list of new riders, began his CBR career with a win as he scored the highest mark of his career at his first CBR event in Huron, South Dakota. Night one is a Horizon event and on a reride option, Pettitt rode Harris’ 8 Ole School for the 90.5 point win. That win gave him a spot on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour roster the following night where he advanced to the semifinal round. 

Pettitt nicknamed JT, is a second generation bull rider who did not get on his first bull until his junior year in high school. He went on to ride for South Plains College in the intercollegiate competitions before turning pro in 2014.  As to how he arrived here, Pettitt credits long-time stock contractor Lyndal Hurst from Lubbock.

“Lyndal Hurst saw me at some rodeos and thought I rode bulls well and suggested I try and enter the CBR competitions, and I am really glad I did, the bulls were awesome,” said Pettitt.