Rostockyj on a Roll, Continues to Dominate CBR World Standings

LAUGHLIN, Nevada, Sept. 13, 2015 – Along the shores of the Colorado River, in the heat of the light filled night, Mahindra Young Gun Cody Rostockyj, Lorena, Texas, conquered three in a row to claim his first televised tour win on the third stop of the Championship Bull Riding Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.

“I am blessed to be riding 100 percent at this time of the year and that played a big factor in the win,” claimed Rostockyj who took over the No. 1 position in the CBR World Standings last week after a second place finish in Window Rock, Arizona.

Riding six of the last eight bulls he has attempted in CBR competition, Rostockyj cemented his lead on the twelve month nationally televised bull riding tour. With the win in Laughlin, he bumped his lead in the CBR 2016 World Standings to 171 points over the current number one ranked bull rider in the world and 2014 CBR World Champion, Sage Kimzey.

12 qualified rides in round one entertained the crowd with four of the nine rookies on the roster advancing to the second round. Rookie Demond Haynes of Houston, Texas, took an early lead in the first section with 88.5 points on Okeechobee and Harris’s bull 955 Shorty who harshly changed directions on Haynes. Haynes, who made his first final four appearance just last week in Window Rock, is making it clear he belongs on the CBR’s premier tour.

Rostockyj’s night began with 87 points on Jeff Harris’s 1061 Flea Flicker, a bull he had seen before but never drawn.

“That bull felt a lot stronger and buckier than I expected and he had me pulled down and I had to grit it out and fight the whole time, but I got him rode and that got me started.”  

Round two featured four rookies, Jeffery Ramagos, Demond Haynes, Denton Fugate and Mickey Andrews in addition to the eight veteran bull riders. At the end of the 12 man field, seven heard the whistle and it was sophomore rider Newt Brasfield edging out the two time world champion, Sage Kimzey, by half a point for the round win.

But at the end of the round it was Brasfield who took the average lead after a spectacular 90.5 on Rawson’s 92 White Wolf for 178.5 points on two. Kimzey, looking like he owned his rematch on 93 Pepper, added 90 points to his cause and advanced with 177.5 points on two. With twenty qualified rides on the board, it would take 175.5 points to make the final four Shoot Out round and the rookie from Zachary, Lou. would advance as the final rider in a field where seven riders had two scores.

By virtue of position, the cowboy athletes selected their opponents for the final four matchup, but with three of the four coming from the Jaynes Gang collection, there was no predicting the outcome. In the winner take all format of the final round, all scores are erased and the arena is reset for a clean slate.

Brasfield earning the right to select first, picked Jaynes’ 1925 Painkiller. Kimzey would select 231 Big Baby of Jeff Harris Bucking Bulls, ironically leaving Rostockyj with the one bull he has always wanted to ride, Outside the Box. The rookie, Jeffery Ramagos, was left to attempt TNT 15 Foreplay, a young grandson of the legendary Crossfire Hurricane, who remains unridden in CBR competition.

Ramagos was first out and he would come down early. Rostockyj, surviving a hard left turn, stayed up on his rope as the bull turned back away from his hand. Showing incredible strength thru balance, Rostockyj adjusted with every move the bull made and the judges awarded him 90.5 points as he was the first man to ride three.

Kimzey, had his hands full trying to match the previous score. Not living up to his name, the Big Baby came out and turned back away from the champs’ hand. Feeling the champs solid seat, the bull jumped forward and turned back into his hand allowing Kimzey an 89.5 score, one point shy of the score needed to take the lead. 

Needing a 91 to overcome Rostockyj, the Lane, Okla. cowboy, Newt Brasfield was overpowered by the 1925 Painkiller, who bucked off as the Jaynes Gang bull turned back away from his hand at five seconds into the trip.

Rostockyj, in his fourth CBR season, was relieved to finally win his first Mahindra Road to Cheyenne title and credits the tournament style format for building confidence.

“Tonight I just kept building on my confidence. After getting one down it works to your advantage to only go up against 11 in round two. With less people to beat and a bull I had ridden in Ft Worth last year, (8061 Mud Wasp) it was the confidence I needed. I have wanted to get on Outside the Box for several years, I knew he would fit my ride style and if given the chance, I would pick him again,” said the champ still recovering from his final ride.

Although it was Rostockyj’s first televised tour win, he is also the reigning 2015 CBR Horizon Series Champion.

Colorado River Chute Out Results

1, Cody Rostockyj, Lorena, Texas, 90.5 points on Jaynes Outside the Box, $11,612.50.  2, S. Kimzey, Strong City, Okla., 89.5 on Harris Bucking Bulls Big Baby, $7.237.50. 3, Newt Brasfield, Lane, Okla., $2,250.00. 4, Jeffery Ramagos, Zachary, La., $2,250.


The CBR Bull Team Challenge continued with JC Knapp of Mansfield, Texas dominating the three bull team competition earning his second tour title on the third stop in the young CBR season. Knapp and his wife Amber attribute the magic of the season’s success to the quality of cowboys riding with CBR.

“We brought the same team we had out in Huron a few weeks ago and they bucked really good here, the cowboys on tour are just outstanding and give great effort every time,” said Knapp after accepting the $20,000 check, a custom Hyo Silver trophy buckle and Fenoglio boots.

CR Corpus Red eluded Keaton Moody for the fourth time in round one, while bucking his way to a tie in the battle for the Bull of the Event title. When asked why Moody struggles with CR, Knapp had this to say.

“I believe he pulls his rope too tight. CR always responds to that with a rank trip.”  

Knapp’s second bull drew the consistent Corey Bailey who filed 87 points on the big spotted bull that bucked him off at the CBR World Finals in July.

Knapp’s third and final entry in Laughlin, 93 Pepper drew Sage Kimzey in the semifinal round and Kimzey delivered 90 points for the second time this season on Knapp’s perennial bucker.

Bull Team Results

1.      J.C. Knapp, Mansfield, Tex., $20,000

2.      Mike Rawson, Martinsville, Tex., $12,000

3.      CPR Kevin Ruggs, Wilson, Okla., $8,000

4.      CPR Cude, Priddy, Tex., $5,000

The CBR returns to action on October 3 in Conroe, Texas. For more information contact Leigh Ann Schroeder, 940.902.1112. Individual round scoring available on