Mahindra Leads the Way in Prizes for Championship Bull Riding’s Storied Season

As a leader in the sport of bull riding, Championship Bull Riding has been in the industry for more than a decade providing fans, stock contractors and our world-class riders and bulls the ultimate experience when attending one of our events. We pride ourselves on promoting the sport of professional level bull riding as well as the cowboys who participate in our organization. On the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne our corporate partners have stepped up and showered the talents of the CBR with exceptional awards and prizes. This year’s lineup at the CBR World Finals was unparalleled.


Mahindra USA Tractors

Mahindra USA Tractors drives into Cheyenne this year with an unprecedented four eMax 22Gear tractors to award to the best of the best on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour.  Each of the following categories will receive the keys to their new ride: Stock Contractor of the Year, World Champion Bull Rider, World Champion Bull Team, and Bull of the Year. 

It is exciting that this year the Mahindra Max tractors are putting the best of the CBR on the industry’s best tractor. “Mahindra MAX is as strong as a bull, but definitely a lot more comfortable to ride.”

"Mahindra USA's sponsorship of CBR, continues to grow and evolve with the sport," said Cleo Franklin, Vice President, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Mahindra USA.  Mahindra is the second longest tenured sponsor with CBR and they continue to demonstrate commitment to developing innovative partnerships that are meaningful to our customers and CBR fans!"


Hyo Silver Buckles

One of the perks of being crowned CBR World Champion is the trophy and the gold buckle that accompanies the title. Hyo Silver, the official buckle maker of the CBR, also crafted the World Title Trophy.   The trophy which is on display at Cheyenne Frontier Days is then presented to the 2015 World Champion on Tuesday night. The trophy then returns to the historic Weatherford, Texas downtown district to reside in the Championship Bull Riding office for fans and tourists to admire until it will load up and return to Cheyenne to await the crowning of the 2016 World Champion.

A trophy belt buckle has power - it sends signals about who we are, what commitments we have made, and our status in western and rodeo society. Hyo Silver crafts an exclusive collection of timeless jewelry and trophy buckles that capture the southern legacy of gold and silver while representing one of the ultimate signs of manhood  - rodeo.

“We are extremely proud to have a great partner and sponsor like Hyo Silver.  They have done an outstanding job with the CBR World Title Trophy and all the buckles that represent the path to the world championship,” said CEO Benny Cude. 

The 2015 Road to Cheyenne was filled with “gold buckle” moments each revolving around a buckle. 


Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade Saddles

Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade creates one of kind saddles for one of a kind cowboys. Standing next to the crowned CBR World Champion and his check for $100,000 dollars is a custom work of art that will probably last longer than the memories of their great night in Cheyenne. 

In addition to the CBR World Champion, Juan hand crafted saddles for the other World Champions in CBR’s line up including World Champion Bull Team, Stock Contractor of the Year and Bull of the year. 

Juan Jose Munoz Andrade has spent ten years crafting western saddles, and his innovation, tenacity, and passion has landed him his dream job.

“We have been honored in making the CBR World Champion trophy saddle for 4 years now,” said Juan.

Juan, who admits to repeatedly watching video tapes of Tuff Hedeman’s greatest rides, reiterates that while the eye catching silver and tooling is what attracts people to a saddle it is the construction of the tree and the superiority of the materials used that are most important to the quality of the saddle. 

“That particular piece takes anywhere from forty to eighty man hours just to build the basic part, the hand tooling and silverwork add even more to the production time,” continued the saddle maker from Chihuahua, Mexico. It is here that Juan Andrade shares the passion behind his life’s work.


Fenolgio Boots

This season both bull riders and stock contractors were treated to a new level of comfort walking down the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne. CBR partnered with the family owned company in 2014 and all event champions in both the bull riding and bull team categories received a pair of CBR customized boots for their wins on the televised tour this season. 

Today, the Fenoglio Boot Company is the proud manufacturer of the James Montague Boot line- the most authentic, unique, and highest quality handmade Texas cowboy boots available.  All boots are made at the Fenoglio Boot factory in Nocona, TX where boot making has been a way of life for more than one hundred years.  

“At Fenoglio Boot, we are proud that our boot making heritage can be traced back to the late 1800s, and we strive to carry on this history of quality craftsmanship with every pair of boots we make.

As one of the last domestic cowboy boot manufacturers left in Texas and America for that matter, we hope to serve as a reminder to American customers that top quality cowboy boots can still be made in America at a competitive price and that through a focus on values such as loyalty, integrity, and hard work; the way of life and small town grandeur of places like Nocona can be protected and preserved. 

So when customers see the James Montague brand and the ‘Made in Nocona’ mark, they can rest assured that their boots are not just some products off an assembly line, but are authentic, handmade representations of the tradition, quality, value, and pride of the craftsmen at Fenoglio Boot and the town of Nocona, TX.”


Neckover Trailers

Neckover Trailers is committed to producing the highest quality products available. Since opening their doors in 1973, they have learned from their customers and know that they are particular.

It is this quality in care of production, that Mike Rawson, CBR Stock Contractor of the Year and Bull Team Challenge Champion (Rawson / Probst) will receive in a custom 32-foot trailer from Neckover Trailers in Troup, Texas for his efforts on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne!


2015 CBR World Champions

World Champion Bull Rider - Cody Teel

World Champion Bull Team - Rawson / Probst

Stock Contractor of the Year - Mike Rawson

Bull of the Year - (Tie) 050 Gold Buckle of Championship Pro Rodeo / Elite Buckin Bulls and CR Corpus Red of Knapp Bucking Bulls