Mike Rawson Finishes CBR Bull Team Challenge Season in First Place

The 2013 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Mike Rawson from Martinsville, Texas, rolls into Cheyenne in the same position as his neighbor from Southeast Texas, Cody Teel. The World Champion title has eluded both competitors. Rawson, like Teel, was the leader this year on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne in number of individual Championships and his line up consistently took him to the pay window of the CBR Bull Team Challenge Competition with a total earnings in excess of $136,000 on this year’s Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour.

Both competitors are fighting to claim a separate check of $100,000 signed by Tuff Hedeman, the keys to a new Mahindra eMax22 Gear Tractor, a pair of Fenoglio boots, a custom Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade saddle and a Hyo Silver Trophy buckle declaring them the best in the World.  Rawson is battling to beat his best appearance at the finals in 2013 when he finished second.

Rawson and partners, who qualified three of the four teams he managed, is by far the most decorated bull team owner of Championship Bull Riding for the 2015 season.  Rawson Bucking Bulls Team # 1 finished the year with 35 points, two point higher than any other team.

James Probst, a veteran partner in the bull team competition returns to the World Finals for the first time with Rawson as his partner and they finished in the 4th position with 32 points.

Rawson qualified his fourth team in the 20th position and quickly handed over the team to long-time friend and colleague, Lyndal Hurst, Slaton, Texas, for bull power.

So what made Rawson’s team so effective this year?    

His bull pen had a deep rotation of 11 different bulls including the newest edition of Black Betty to Rawson’s long list of superstar buckers. This group of talented pitchers turned in a total of 23 qualified rides, leading the category for the CBR for the regular season. 92 White Wolf led the rocking Rawson staff and managed to land in the CBR stats column in second place with seven qualified rides.  You would have to say that Little Shyster with 10 outs and two rides, both 90 point plus scores, was the anchor of the Rawson success, but he escaped the ropes of World Champions Teel and Kimzey as they never drew arguably Rawson’s favorite bull.

The second stand out on Rawson’s batting order was Raven’s Mistake that pulled down three rank bull scores and a 91 point assist to Brennon Eldred to win El Paso CBR. Teel had a qualified ride on him in 2014, but he too has eluded Kimzey on the day sheets.

There is no denying that Black Betty, during his career, has dominated bucking bull arenas, leaderboards and association standings throughout the competitive industry.  Black Betty, now owned Mike Rawson, has quickly become one of the best draws in Championship Bull Riding on a weekly basis. He made his CBR debut in 2012, and he's still going strong. 846 was the High Marked Ride score three times this year on the Mahindra tour, carrying Chandler Bownds to a win on night one in Del Rio, Texas. He is a bull of the year candidate and has been part of the winner’s circle in Cheyenne. Kimzey has experience on the explosive bucker, but Teel has not had the opportunity. You can be sure Black Betty will have an impact on this year’s finals.

But in the team competition it is not the individual stats that make the money, it is a collective effort by three bulls. Four times Rawson’s managerial effort combined with the bull’s talent to win a team event championship. He took home the $20,000 check, Fenoglio boots, and Hyo Silver trophy buckle four times on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne televised tour including Conroe, Lufkin, Del Rio, and Las Vegas. In Hobbs, Mercedes, and Huron the Rawson buckers were second. He was third at the season closer in Del Rio and fourth at the season opener in Jackson, Tennessee in January.

Mike Rawson will enjoy the number one ranking for one more day because on Monday when the competition begins, all scores are wiped out and the World Champion Bull Team is based on the winning combination of three bulls that perform the best over the course of the two day event.

Magic tends to happen at the World Finals at  Cheyenne Frontier Days and with Mike being nominated for Stock Contractor of the year for the third consecutive year, and having the winningest record in the CBR Bull Team Challenge, it is possible that Mike Rawson will be towing two Mahindra tractors home next week.