The Elite of Championship Bull Riding Qualifies Four Teams for CBR World Finals Bull Team Challenge

In sports, as in life, the journey is as powerful as the destination. It's not just about winning; it's about how we as a team come together and support one another.  Jeri Harmon is Elite Buckin Bulls. Elite Buckin Bulls is Jeri Harmon. While the name is attached to four teams at the top of the CBR Standings, Elite is powered by a woman who has an incredible drive for competition, unmatched focus, and an appreciation and love for the animals like no other.
Jeri Harmon, whose Elite Brand is synonymous with great bucking bulls, is the name behind the proud owner of many of the bulls and teams that top the charts this year in Championship Bull Riding. Four of the top 20 teams qualified for Cheyenne World Finals Bull Team competition carry the Elite name.
Partnering with some of the industry’s leading trainers and bucking bull minds, Elite’s muster of bulls and partners has dominated the bull team competition in not only the number of event championships, but in the individual bull performance marks and total earnings of $137,00 since the season kick off last August.
Jeri is an integral part of the Elite team of buckers, on and off of the arena floor. Staying in contact with the organization’s staff and leaders and on top of the business end of the teams is just part of Jeri’s involvement. 
“As I see it, I am thankful every day that I've been given the opportunity to be an owner and involved in the CBR Bull Teams. We depend on each other, I support all of my partners, and their skills are what makes the difference,” said Jeri after winning Mulvane earlier this year.
Collecting prize checks totaling over $137,000 on nine different occasions, Elite accepted the 1st place $20,000 prize money, Fenoglio CBR Signature Boots, and Hyo Buckle, three times on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour including wins in Mulvane, KS, Mercedes, TX and Jackson, TN.
Often competing with multiple teams on the day sheet, Elite finished 2nd five times, Conroe, TX,  Jackson, TN (both days), Rio Rancho, NM, and Mulvane, KS 3rd – 3 times and one fourth place finish.
Tieing for second place in the CBR’s unique bucking bull game, and just 3 points off the lead, was two of Elite’s partnership teams: Championship Pro Rodeo / Elite Buckin Bulls #2 powered by Zach Craig and Brett Barrett, and Elite Buckin Bulls#2 team, led by former bull riding great Mike White who retired from riding bulls to breed, raise and train competitive bucking bulls. The 8th place slot of Cheyenne team qualifiers is s occupied by Championship Pro Rodeo / Elite Buckin Bulls #1 team and coming in at 11th was Elite Buckin Bull #1 team, the second team partnership with Mike White.
Elite Buckin Bulls
Harmon’s partnership with Mike White produced three 2nd place finishes and two 3rds on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne using just three bulls; Karaoke, White Lightning, and Mayhem.
It is hard to pick favorites when so many talented bulls make up this winning effort, but one bull has a special place in Jeri’s heart and it is no secret he will be making the trip to Cheyenne. 626 Karaoke, arguably one of the most storied bulls in the Bull Team Challenge division of CBR, competed at the highest level as an individual athlete before he was part of the CBR Bull Team Challenge breaking earnings records during his young career. In 2015, Karaoke, a son of Wild nights and out of a daughter of Warpath, traveled to six cities on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour resulting in four 90 point plus rides for the Elite Buckin Bulls team. Karaoke, always bucking in the Semi Final Round position for the Elite Bucking Bulls team, posted his rankest score at the first event of 2015. In Jackson, judges marked him 46 points while bucking off World Champion Josh Barentine. He went on the road to be named High Marked Bull three times this season, but the season is not over and there is something about Frontier Park that fires up 626 Karaoke. During his three trips to Cheyenne he has only been covered once and that was by Aaron Pass in 2013. Pass was 90.5 in the third round of the CBR Finals that year.
The rankest trip of his illustrious career was a 47-point bull score against Chandler Bownds in Cheyenne two years ago at the CBR World Finals when Karaoke was a vital portion of Mike White led World Champion Bull Team. Although Bownds bucked off in under 4 seconds, the bull scored 94 points, the highest number of degree of difficulty points awarded during the CBR Finals, which was enough to send the team to the winner’s circle to collect the $100,000 bonus check awarded to the World Champion.
Karaoke, a cowboy favorite, is ridden 50% of the time at CBR events and has had seven round winning outs as a bucker and of those that made the whistle on him, four scored high enough to win the round.
The highest recorded score on this illustrious bucker, trained by Mike White, was produced by rookie bull rider Juan Alonzo who was the first to hear the whistle this season while aboard 626. He rode him for 91 points in Hobbs, New Mexico. Two weeks later Corey Maier would go on to earn 90 points on him in El Paso, while Jacob O’Mara, would conquer him in Bossier for 90.5 points.
Championship Pro Rodeo / Elite Buckin Bulls
“On game day, Jeri is always there, huddling with her partners to talk strategy for the game and her beloved bulls.  As an owner, Jeri understands more than ever the dedication that goes into building a cohesive team,” said partner Zach Craig who masterminds her teams labeled as Championship Pro Rodeo / Elite Buckin Bulls. CPR and Elite used a total of ten different bulls to win their two slots for the year end competition. Bret Barrett, a partner in Championship Pro Rodeo, deserves the credit according to Craig.
This partnership resulted in 3 1st place wins; two 2nd place finishes, 1 3rd and 1 fourth.
“Barrett prepares, trains, keeps in shape and lives with the buckers that power the success behind CPR and Elite.”
Putting over 100,000 miles on his truck, Barrett’s Mahindra Road to Cheyenne is a long one and no one is looking forward to the finale more than the Oklahoma native cowboy. Some of Barrett’s shining moments this year include 050 Gold Buckle’s claiming the highest marked ride of the CBR season when he was half of the 93 points put up by  Elliot Jacoby in Jackson. Craig, Barrett, and Harmon saw their bulls named five different times as the High Marked Ride score of the event in 2015 and were part of history with Boomer when 18-year-old Wyatt Rogers won the largest purse in CBR history in Mercedes last October. With Ragin JT, Swamp Dog, Mayhem, One More Dip and Boomer to choose from, Barrett was able to reap the benefits on this year’s tour winning the three championship event titles for his partnership.
At the end of the day in Cheyenne, it is hard to imagine a Bull Team Challenge Finals without Elite finishing prominently on the day sheet and with four teams competing, Jeri Harmon is sure to have a ringside seat where she will be cheering her boys, both four and two legged, on to victory.