Jones VS Jones

As if husbands and wives canít find enough to disagree about, how would you like to have your wifeís opinion about how, when, and where to buck your rough stock! Well Skip Jones will tell you he will take his wifeís opinion over most experts...most days!

Skip and Elaine Jones, bull ridingís version of McMIllian and Wife, are loaded up and on the road to the final stop of the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour, the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days. The dynamic duo who work together on and off of the bucking chutes, will head to the CBR World Finals for the third time in quest of the $107,000 first place prize paid to the winner of the CBR Bull Team Challenge.

With over a half a million in prize money at stake each year, the Jonesí are definitely keeping up. They finished in the top ten standings after the regular season with two teams and placed in the top four seven times, earning in excess of $58,000, including a Championship title and buckle from Huron, South Dakota at the season opener on night one.

Known as JQH Bucking Bulls and Horses, the Jones of Amarillo, Texas raise bucking horses as well as bulls. They compete on all levels with championship buckles to prove it. In 2014, they won the CFT Breederís Bull Games event, a two-year-old futurity competition.

Skip and Elaine brought a total of 8 different bulls to the CBR events this season that resulted in 16 qualified rides. Their bulls came in at 5th in the team rankings of the highest number of qualified rides this season.

With C735, Jack Tar, anchoring the Jonesí efforts, he ranked 5th highest among total bulls scores with 446 points on the year.  He was 5th in the highest number of outs and his traveling partner 836 Raptor tied for second in the highest number of qualified rides on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.

Evel Knievel was the High Marked Ride (92) points in Huron to help his team win the Huron Bull Team Challenge last August, but with all the top 5 finishes for various bulls on the JQH trailer, it is 25T Wicked Ways that bucked his way to the list of Bull of the Year candidates as he obviously got Tuff Hedemanís attention.

25T Wicked Ways was added to the JQH string of buckers in February of this year. He was hauled to six events on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour. JQH used him as the anchor bull in round one during three events and then moved him into the Semi Final Round for the remaining three televised tour events.  But it did not matter which round he was bucked, he stayed steady posting 45 point bull scores three times and 44 point scores twice, completing the season with an average score of 44.5.

Sage Kimzey posted 89.5 on 25T in Fort Worth, but his highest marked ride score was with rookie rider Juan Alonzo when he went 91 points in round two at the Las Vegas CBR event.

ďHe bucks more like Little Yellow Jacket than Houdini (the sire to his dam) said his owner Skip Jones, owner of JQH Bucking Bulls. 25T was a product of Exclusive Genetics breeding and Gene Bakerís training, and his original name was Destination Unknown.

JQH is excited about competing in Cheyenne with their newest addition to the bull team division of their bucking bull program.