Former Pro Bull Rider Finds Success with Partners on the Other Side of the Chute

Cory Melton was the first stock contractor to book his hotel room in Cheyenne for the 2015 CBR World Finals. In January of this year, the first Cheyenne Challenge Wild Card event was held in conjunction with the Jackson, Tennessee Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour event and former professional bull rider, Cory Melton headed up the Winston Loe / Melton Bull Co winning team.

CBR holds two Cheyenne Challenge events (Jackson and Del Rio) where the winner is an automatic qualifier in the team competition of the World Finals. The Jackson Cheyenne Challenge was a competition between the stock contractors and bulls that ended with the winner qualifying for the CBR World Finals to be held in conjunction with Cheyenne Frontier Days in July. These competitions are highly competitive as the pot at the end of the rainbow pockets a $100,000 bonus check and the title of World Champion Bull Team.

Later in the year, the partnership of Cory Melton, Winston Loe, Scott Winston, Dale Folds, and Keith Strickland also qualified a team the hard way: three events, three different cities, and the right combination of bulls to finish 9th in the qualification roster for the year end CBR Bull Team Challenge Standings.  

Melton owns and operates Melton Bull Co dedicated to raising, and training competition bucking bulls, Melton a native of Louisiana now calls Tolar, Texas home.  Melton and partners used a combination of seven different bulls on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne to finish in the top ten.  After starting the season with a bang in Jackson, smooth and steady would be Melton’s style this year placing fourth in El Paso and Bossier City while gathering points.

Melton’s team bulls have played a big part in the drama of the 2015 season as they did in 2014 as well. Cowboy favorite, 169 Crimson King, a son of Pandora’s Box, bucked in five events this year for Melton’s crew gaining strength along the way. 169 was a part of the Sage Kimzey’s ride to the top last year in Cheyenne, but in a weird twist of fate, he bucked off the World Champ in Del Rio this year to keep Kimzey from earning the #1 ranking going into the upcoming World Finals. This bull was also part of the equation in Neil Holmes’ $50,000 average win last year in Cheyenne as he rode him for 92 points.

In Jackson, Chandler Bownds, riding Western Hauler’s Bad Tattoo for 92 points, provided the assist to Melton’s bull team win for the automatic advancement to the Cheyenne World Finals and the $20,000 prize. 

Melton had this to say of his anchor bull, “These two new bulls fit what I was looking for,” said Melton. “Western Hauler’s Bad Tattoo earned over $30,000 in the UBBI and ABBI competitions as a young bull and he is a good fit for my team bull. He is consistent and has lots of timing,” said Melton, a former professional bull rider. Sired by Iron Horse, Western Hauler’s Bad Tattoo was the High Marked Ride of the Jackson event. The second bull Melton bucked for the win was Jungle Fear, a bull Cody Teel rode for 88.5. “He made it look easier than he really is,” continued Melton. “The bull is harder to ride and Cody did an outstanding job.” 

Melton’s third entry was a CBR regular, Western Hauler’s All Shook Up. Although Cody Wood bucked off in 4.71 seconds, his marks as a rank bull were high enough to help the team and earn him the event championship collecting a total of 289.71 points, three points higher than the second place team. Western Hauler’s All Shook Up was a super star on the competitive bucking bull trail prior to anchoring Melton’s CBR teams. Melton also pitched a no hitter this year with his bull Western Hauler’s Lester Gillis who went unridden bulls on the CBR trail bucking off Cody Teel and Tye Chandler in regular season competition.

Melton and partners can be seen regularly at all association competition events with two year olds, three and four year olds as well as his aged bulls on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.