#9 Craig Jackson Raps Up his 7th CBR Season

Rodeo has had its share of cowboy musicians over the years but it has yet to see one like CBR bull rider Craig Jackson.

Most bull riders will tell you that they don’t hear the music, the announcer, or the crowd noise when lowering themselves into the bucking chute to strap themselves onto the 1,000 bucking bull, but Hip-Hop Cowboy, Craig Jackson not only hears the music, he hears his own voice, his personally recorded rhythm and lyrics, alongside his own adrenaline rushing heartbeat. 

“C Jack” to his friends and fans, ushered in a new culture to Championship Bull Riding when he first entered the arena in 2008 as one of the trio that quickly became known as the “Houston Solution, a set of charismatic city boys turned rough stock riders.

Traveling with Neil Holmes and Jonathon Brown, Jackson exploded onto the CBR scene in 2009. Sporting dreadlocks and a gold grille, the charismatic Jackson began his seven year stretch of qualifying for the CBR World Finals. He is currently ranked #9 in the CBR World Standings, and has won the CBR tour stop in El Paso, Texas for three consecutive years.

“I am too blessed to be stressed”, continued Jackson when asked about his mental preparedness for the Daddy of ‘Em All.  My philosophy is “You have to put it all on the line to succeed” and that is in and out of the bull riding arena.

Concentrating on CBR events in 2015, Jackson posted four 90 point plus rides and finished the CBR calendar with a little over a 50% riding average at CBR events. He heard the whistle 9 times out of 19 outs. The perennial CBR cowboy had this to say about Cheyenne. 

“You can’t be a rodeo cowboy and not know what the word Cheyenne means, especially to a bull rider. There is so much tradition in Cheyenne,” said Jackson. “Two words come to mind when I think about Cheyenne... Lane and Tuff.”  

The history and the icons inspire the thirty year old bull rider to prepare both mentally and physical for the CBR World Finals.

Spending his time training with Neil Holmes, and Jonathon Brown, the three have daily rituals that include praying, a drop barrel, and getting on the Mighty Buckey.  An off day will include the core strengthening of body and mind with yoga, watching film and staying positive.

When he’s not in the arena or the studio, Craig is father to a three year-old daughter, Kayleigh. She and Craig’s two nephews are among his biggest fans. “My mom had to put up with my dad being a bull rider and me being a bull rider. That makes me glad I had a little girl,” he says.

While the mention of a singing cowboy typically conjures up images of a man in a hat holding a guitar, Craig rocks a grill and his dreadlocks have been selflessly been donated to charity year after year.

Of course, rapping and bull riding aren’t things typically paired together but this musician’s roots are in rodeo. “Whatever my dad had done, I would have probably done. It just happened that he was a bull rider so that’s what I wanted to do. As soon as I got out of high school I just didn’t want to think of doing anything else,” Craig says. Although he did take time to go to college, riding bulls has been his full-time job ever since. 

With his bull riding and music career in full focus, Jackson can be found on iTunes by searching C Jack, “Break the Bank”. Jackson invites you to visit his as well.