The Jaynes Gang Dials Up a Winning Combination

Billy Jaynes knows how to play the bucking bull game and has the title to prove it. The 2013 Million Dollar Bucking Bull World Champion is no stranger to the big stage of the Cheyenne Frontier Park arena and knows how to assemble the bovine athletes, and their owners, who will have a shot at collecting the e22 Gear Mahindra tractor, a $107,500 check, Neckover Trailer, a custom trophy saddle by Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade, a pair of Fenoglio Boots and a Hyo Silver trophy buckle that says they are the best! 

This year’s team of  Jaynes/Dial/Johnston and McKinney finished in the number 14 position of the 22 teams that qualified during the CBR Bull Team Challenge 2014-15 season, but while that ranking determines their profile on Facebook and the CBR website, it means nothing once they drive across the border into Wyoming. All scores and final standings from the regular season are tossed out of the trailer and everyone is equal when the CBR World Finals begins on Monday, July 20 at Cheyenne Frontier Days. 

This bull team, headed up by Billy Jaynes, used eleven different bulls to qualify on this year’s tour and placed second and third in Fort Worth and El Paso, respectively. 

1925 Painkiller anchored the team with five outs on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour. Painkiller, who is owned by Amy McKinney, a pharmacist from Oklahoma was out five times this in CBR competition and ridden three, all for 90 point plus rides. In addition, Painkiller was a large part of Craig Jackson’s 92 point score when he won the El Paso Championship event title in February of this year. 

It appears it is a family trait to assist the riders to 90 point plus rides. This year in Cheyenne, 1925 will be joined by his full brother, Wicked Ways (JQH Bull team) at Frontier Park as they compete on opposing teams. 

The second bull chosen by Jaynes to represent his 2015 team is 2575-0 Flab Slab, a son of Little Yellow Jacket and out of a Mr. Juicy cow, was used four times, with two 90.5 rides resulting. He is owned by Skippy and Linda Johnston from Alaska. 

The third bull joining the team is J908 Outside the Box, a son of former futurity sensation Jed Clampett. OTB is a beautiful black and white spotted horned bull owned by seventy three year old Jimmy Jaynes, who according to the younger Jaynes, “He follows this bull more than he follows me...he loves this bull and turned down $30,000 for him this year”.

Outside the Box, one of my favorite subjects since 2012, besides his ability to buck off riders 80.75 percent of the time, only supplies 90 point plus scores when ridden. If you draw him you might ask Neil Holmes, Cody Teel, or Aaron Pass how to ride him because they are the only three this season to hear the whistle. Teel won one of his two titles this year on this bull in Lufkin, Texas. 

OTB’s rankest out on tour this year was with 2012 World Champion, Josh Barentine, when he showed him the out gate in 3 seconds and a 46.5 bull score in Jackson, Tennessee last January. 

While Outside the Box went unridden until Del Rio in 2014. It was Trey Benton who rode him for the first time while acquiring the event title at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding.   

The Jaynes, Dial, Johnston and McKinney bull team is partially owned by Dick and Catherine Dial from New Mexico who have been in the bucking bull business with great success for years including being part of the winning formula for the 2013 CBR World Finals Bull Team Champions. Their bulls Diamondback and Shifty have been a big part of the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour in 2013 and 2014. 

All three owners will be joining Jaynes for the finals and are excited about the journey.