Barn2Buck and The Jaynes Gang Make Inaugural Appearance at CBR World Finals in Cheyenne

William Barnett, rancher, Bucking Bull Stock Contractor, industrial engineer, and safety environmentalist consultant, saw a parallel of genetics between the bucking bull industry and the thoroughbred racing industry and after a storied worldwide career in the offshore deep water drilling aspect of the oil industry, Barnett turned to his passion and what he loved as a young boy as both an investment and a super-sized hobby.

“I realized it was largely what I had loved as a young boy growing up on my grandmother’s farm in Central Texas; growing up I read everything I could get my hands on an about Indians and the spirits of their wild ponies. I never knew that those dreams would one day spring board me into the reality of actually owning these magnificent animals,” said Barnett who also owns Warrior Racing, a thoroughbred racing venture.

Continuing his quest for returning to the passions from his youth is what led Barnett to Championship Bull Riding. Riding calves, steers and junior bulls in earlier days, Barnett again returned to his Cherokee, Texas roots and ventured into the bucking bull world.

Citing “single source responsibility and rider friendly” as the reason he selected and likes the Bull Team Challenge team format of Championship Bull Riding.  Barnett’s journey to the CBR World Finals is as interesting as my recent conversation with him.

“I always wanted some Plumber foundation cows, and then I had the good fortune of buying some off of Burch Rodeo Company. I believe like race horses the strong genetics come from the females,” continued Barnett.

“I bought a set of weanling calves with Scott Burleson in 2012 in Las Vegas. Then I bought three calves off Gilbert Carrillo that we eventually bucked in the million dollar program winning $16,000 last year.”

Success, as in business, followed Barnett in his “after 60” semi-retirement journey where his daughter has chronicled Warrior Racing and Barn2Buck in “made for television” documentaries.

Recent headlines from the Barn2Buck program include, “Texas Executives Win big at Las Vegas during 4th Annual Bucking Bull Games Extravaganza”.

Barnett and partners, the dynamic duo sisters from Leap of Faith Bucking Bulls, co-owned  ZY Hez Twisted who won approximately $600,000 as a three year old on the competitive circuit. Barnett is breeding and raising his future bull teams from this talented bull athlete.  

“We at Barn2Buck love the livestock business and sport of bucking bulls.  It's awesome to see how the two bring family and friends (from all walks of life) together.... We specialize in breeding, training and creating partnerships or syndicates-- operating from our ranch northwest of Houston.”

Barnett states his goal is to take our bovine athletes to a level where they will excel in futurities and aged competitions around the nation in various organizations, progressing to providing quality bulls to the professional levels of the industry.

Fast forward to June of 2015 and Barn2Buck owns three CBR Bull Team Challenge teams and will be competing in Cheyenne for the first time this July at the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days.

Citing being in the right place at the right time led Barnett to having the opportunity to purchase a World Finals qualified team from David Blankenship and Mike King.  

What bulls will make the cut for the experienced and former World Champion Bull Team players Billy Jaynes of The Jaynes Gang and greenhorn CBR player William Barnett? As most of the competitive teams to date, they are undecided on the complete bull power, but plan on using a young bull called Miss Kitty’s Peacemaker as the anchor of the team.