The Boys of Summer

Championship Bull Riding is full of impressive bulls and the CBR Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge format not only ensures talented opponents for the bull riders at each CBR event, but has created a whole new playing field for stock contractors to compete with their top animals.

We salute the 249 different bulls who have competed during the regular portion of the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour and pause to recognize a few who have had outstanding seasons and have been recognized by their peers as candidates for the title of CBR Bucking Bull of the Year. 

This year’s winner will be awarded a custom saddle by Juan Jose Muńoz Andrade, trophy buckle by Hyo Silver and a new Mahindra Tractor at the CBR Banquet prior to the World Finals event on July 20.

Many times the rankest bull score goes unnoticed to the fans because the bull bucks so hard the rider fails to stay on and make the whistle.  Sometimes the rider and the bull out-perform all the other competitors and the rankest score will be rewarded and marked on a qualified ride. 

Either way the bull walks away with the distinguished ranking that is not celebrated in the arena, but is revered behind the chutes and on the stat sheets. This year’s contenders for CBR Bucking Bull of the Year include the following great animal athletes: 


626 Karaoke

Sire: Wildnights by Wildlife 

Owner: Jeri Harmon and Mike White

Bred by Fred Robinson

In 2015, Karaoke, a son of Wild nights and out of a daughter of Warpath, traveled to six cities on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour resulting in four 90 point plus rides for the Elite Buckin bull team. Karaoke, always bucking in the Semi Final second round position for the Elite Bull Team, posted his rankest score at the first event of 2015. Judges marked him 46 points while bucking off World Champion Josh Barentine in Jackson, Tennessee.

The rankest trip of his illustrious career was a 47-point bull score against Chandler Bownds in Cheyenne two years ago at the CBR World Finals when Karaoke was a vital portion of Mike White’s B&M bull team. Although Bownds bucked off in under 4 seconds, the bull scored 94 points, the highest number of degree of difficulty points awarded during the CBR Finals, which was enough to send the B&M Team to the winner’s circle to collect the $100,000 bonus check awarded to the World Champion Bull Team. 

There is something about Frontier Park that fires up 626 Karaoke. During his three trips to Cheyenne he has only been covered once and that was by Aaron Pass in 2013. Pass was 90.5 in the third round of the CBR Finals that year.

Karaoke, a cowboy favorite, is ridden 50% of the time at CBR events and has had seven round winning outs as a bucker and of those that made the whistle on him, four scored high enough to win the round.

The highest recorded score on this illustrious bucker, trained by Mike White, was produced by rookie bull rider Juan Alonzo of Weslaco, Texas. Alonzo was the first to hear the whistle this season while aboard 626. He rode him for 91 points in the Semi Final Round in the Hobbs, New Mexico CBR event this year. Two weeks later during the West Texas CBR swing, Corey Maier would go on to earn 90 points on this seasoned bucker in El Paso, while Louisiana native, Jacob O’Mara, would conquer him in Bossier for 90.5 points.


050 Gold Buckle

Sire: Lightening Jack

Owner: Brett Barrett, Jeri Harmon and Zach Craig

Bred by Lyndal Hurst

050 has carried many of the industry’s best riders to the pay window. Trey Benton, Neil Holmes and Craig Jackson, have all ridden him twice and scored 90 or above, including Jackson’s 92.5 winning numbers in El Paso and Elliot Jacoby’s winning 93 point ride in January at the Jackson, Tennessee CBR.

Gold Buckle is a five year old bull who is consistently marked 23 points on the bull side of the bull riding equation. He was the High Marked bull once this year, High Marked Ride twice, and finished 3rd among all the bulls used in both the highest average rider score and the number of 90 point plus rides.

His rankest effort on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne was in Mercedes last October when he bucked off the number 3 cowboy in the world, Cody Rostockyj, with a 46 point bull score.

As a competitor Gold Buckle has won five rounds as the rankest scored bucking bull and eight times a cowboy has had the winning score to win a round on him. 

But he is not always a sure thing, just ask Rostockyj. He is two for four against the brown and white paint bull sired by Lightening Jack and out of a M17 cow.  Will Rostockyj get a fifth chance in Cheyenne and if he does, will he ride him?

“This five year old bucker is one that all the cowboys want to get on,” said owner Zach Craig.  “He is like a bucking horse for the first two jumps, if you can get passed that he levels out and you are good to go. He kind of sets a trap for you to get you off quick”, continues Craig on why some of the top bull riders in the country have failed to get a score on him.  

He is known to go both ways and can buck out of the left or the right hand delivery.  The same percentage of riders make the whistle on him regardless of whether they are right or left handed.

“He seems to have a little more gas on the right side,” said Craig. According to Craig and Barrett, early in his career Hurst only bucked him from the left. Barrett and Craig tried him on the right and it was successful.



33-8 Ragin JT

Sire: Shaggy

Owner: Brett Barrett, Jeri Harmon and Zach Craig

Bred by Mike White

Ragin JT is lucky to be alive. 

Making the final cut to be considered for bull of the year for the second consecutive year is an honor, according to Ragin JT’s current owners Zach Craig and Brett Barrett. 

JT, a chestnut colored bull known on the CBR circuit as the “money maker”, spent over a month last April at Oklahoma State University’s veterinary clinic where he was eventually diagnosed with a severe case of acid reflux that was life threatening to the storied animal athlete.

JT’s career began in the competitive ranks as a two-year-old futurity calf where he won $100,000 in 2010 and was declared the year’s World Champion baby bucker. His career as a bucker continued to earn his owners, Jerry Tuttle and Billy Jaynes, money as a classic (three and four year old) aged bucker.

He was purchased to be part of the Craig & Barrett bull team in 2013 and has proven himself the most valuable player of that team, time and time again.

In addition to numerous event titles on the assist list for JT, it appears he likes the dirt in the arena at Frontier Park. He has been a large part of the winning equation for two cowboys at the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne. In 2013, he assisted Wes Silcox with a 93-point trip to win the CBR Finals average title, and World Champion Sage Kimzey rode him for 91 points in the Final Four of the 2014 World Finals to take home the $100,000 check, saddle, and gold buckle that says he is the best. 

On the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne JT finishes first with the most number of 90 point rides on the televised tour. He had seven qualified rides from 11 outs and former CBR World Champion Josh Barentine posted the highest score of JT’s season on him, a 91, in Jackson, Tennessee.


846 Black Betty

Sire: Nixon 51 by Houdini

Owner: Mike Rawson

Bred by Marvin Nixon

With over 200 career outs, there is no denying that Black Betty, during his career, has dominated bucking bull arenas, leaderboards and association standings throughout the competitive industry. He won over $400,000 during his competitive career and is characterized by all that know him as a bull that loves his job.

Black Betty, now owned by Mike Rawson, has quickly become one of the best draws in Championship Bull Riding on a weekly basis. He made his CBR debut in 2012, and he's still going strong. He has been part of the winner’s circle in Cheyenne and is likely to have an impact on this year’s finals as well. 

846 was the High Marked Ride score three times this year on the 2015 Mahindra tour. 

Carrying Chandler Bownds to a win on night one in Del Rio, Texas, Bownds had this to say about the great black bucker named Betty. 

“He usually goes out and turns to the left, but tonight he switched it up and I had to hustle to adjust,” said Bownds just moments after his ride on Black Betty, one of the few bucking bulls on the roster that has attended almost every CBR event on “The Mahindra Road to Cheyenne” televised tour. 

A grandson of the great Houdini on his sire side and Wild Fire on his dam side, the little black muley bull has been collecting paychecks since his two year old year when he was the Reserve Champion of the ABBI Futurity Finals. With a rider, he would go on to capture the top ranking as the number one United Bucking Bull Inc. Classic bull for two consecutive years, win the rank bull competition two years consecutively in Del Rio and then go on to be one of the top marked bulls in Del Rio the following two years.

Of recorded outs on probullstats, Black Betty has six winning outs as the top bull score of a round. Add a rider to the equation and he continued to win on a different level, picking up nine rider round winning outs.

In 2015, he was attempted eight times for five qualified rides. The highest score of this season was earned by Ardie Maier on Black Betty in Las Vegas when he was 91.5. Rookie rider Juan Alonzo was also 91.5 on him in Lufkin. 

Black Betty’s highest career marked ride was a 93 when Willis Trosclair won the Lafayette, LA CBR event in 2013. 


CR Corpus Red

Sire: Unknown

Owner: JC and Amber Knapp

Corpus Red is a bull owned by Knapp Rodeo, and similar to Ragin JT and Black Betty, CR has been one of the best bulls on tour for a number of years. I venture to say he is a permanent member of the Knapp family and lives the good life with the Knapps’ at their ranch in Mansfield, Texas. He frequently appears on Facebook with Amber Knapp as a docile pet, but make no mistake, his demeanor can change in a second.

The lovable red bull made his CBR debut in late-2011 and has been extremely consistent ever since. He was ridden only twice in seven outs at CBR televised events in 2015, with an average ride score is 91.3 points. His average bull score is 45.3 points which is tops among contenders.

Corpus Red was named High Marked Bull of the event in Lufkin, Laughlin, Las Vegas, and Del Rio in 2014 and was the High Marked Ride (92.5 – Cody Rostockyj) in Fort Worth in 2015. He had seven outs with two qualified rides this year. Corpus Red is aging, but this year he's as good as he's ever been.


63 Half Nutz

Sire: Buckeye by Panhandle Slim

Owner: Box K Cattle and Carr Pro Rodeo

Bred by Box K Cattle Company

63 Half Nutz, a bovine favorite on the trailer of former Stock Contractor of the Year, Billy Jones, has made a huge impact in limited CBR action in the 2014 and 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour. He's had three outs at CBR televised events this year, and was the High Marked Ride once on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne in Bossier City when Joe Frost was 91 points on him to win the event title. In 2014 he was unridden with an average bull score of 44.7 points. His list of buck offs that provide him with his 92% buck off average includes Cody Teel, Wyatt Rogers, Craig Jackson, Juan Alonzo, and Corey Bailey. This National Finals Rodeo qualifier may not be as well-known as some of the other finalists, but he's already proven he's one of the best. He has only been ridden twice in his three-association career and one of those qualified rides was at a Championship Bull Riding.


#54 Cadillac Red

Sire: Cash to Win by Winchester 

Owner: Benny Cude

Bred by XS Ranch

If you want to win the 2015 CBR World Finals you might have to get past a big red bull named Cadillac Red. Cadillac Red finishes first in the category of High Marked Bull (rank score) for the CBR 2015 season. He was ridden once in 14 attempts on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour.

#54 Red, as he is known in the back pens, was the highest marked rank bull score of the CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days in 2014. He earned his 46.5 bull score when he bucked off former PRCA World Champion JW Harris in 6.39 seconds. 

#54 remained unridden during the 2014-15 season until the George Paul Memorial in Del Rio, Texas where Lane Toon covered him for 87.5. 

Those who have attempted Cadillac Red during his three year career include:  Sage Kimzey, Aaron Pass Neil Holmes, Trey Benton, Lane Toon, Cody Rostockyj, JW Harris, Luis Villarreal, Jarrod Craig, Tanner Bothwell, Craig Jackson, and Cooper Davis.

#54 is a son of the XS ranch’s Winchester and is a grandson of the great Tahanta and out of an XS Cash cow.  Cadillac Red, owned by Benny Cude of the 7 Rocking X Ranch in Priddy, Texas, has represented Cude’s buckers well with a total of seven High Point Bull buckles including wins at CBR’s televised tour events including the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne. 

Cude’s super star bucker’s rank bull score in Cheyenne was a huge assist to the Cude Energy bull team who went on to win the CBR World Championship Bull Team title at the finals in Cheyenne last July. 


96 Dougie

Sire: Unknown

Owner: Silver Creek Pro Rodeo

Dubbed the “baddest bull on the draw” by stock contractors and cowboys alike, Dougie, is one of Championship Bull Riding’s reigning unridden bulls for 2014-15 season. Dougie served as the Bounty Bull twice this year (Jackson, Tennessee and Del Rio, Texas). But even a bounty prize of a new Dodge Ram 3500 truck did not help Chandler Bownds make the whistle in Del Rio on the elusive bucker with unknown origin.

Dougie, who has not been ridden since the fall of 2013 has been attempted two times in CBR action this year. Both of which, he was the bounty bull and two were from the Cheyenne Challenge event competitions. 

If you draw Dougie a quick phone call to South Dakota might help. The only cowboy to hear the whistle on him is Corey Maier of the Maier brotherhood of bull riders from Timber Lake, South Dakota. Corey was 90 points on him in the final round of the Los Fresnos Road to Cheyenne tour event in the fall of 2013. 

What makes him so hard to get a score on? According to Vogele he stands still in the chutes, sometimes leaning back just a little, but comes out clean and goes to the left every time the gate opens. 

“He bucks hard and breaks over kicking consistently hard. I think in the middle of his high rear he hesitates when he is coming around getting the bull rider off his balance and timing.”

Vogele is looking forward to the top riders in the industry attempting his great bull again this year at the CBR World Finals in Cheyenne. The two top ranked riders, Cody Teel, and Sage Kimzey, have both attempted and both failed at riding him.

Who would Vogele like to see draw Dougie?  

“I would really like to see Kimzey get another shot on him,” said Vogele. 

Although Vogele has not seen a qualified ride on his super star bucker in twenty-one months when Corey Maier was 90 points on him to win the Los Fresnos CBR event title, he remains one of the draws the bull riders can’t wait to wrap their rope around.


8061 Mud Wasp

Sire: Mossy Oak Mudslinger

Owner: Harris Bucking Bulls

Bred by D&H Cattle 

Although new to CBR action, Mud Wasp has been honing his craft since turning pro in 2011. With 15 qualified rides from 42 attempts, riders will hear the whistle about 62% of the time on the newest edition to the 2014 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year’s team.  Purchased as an “anchor” for the CBR Bull Team Challenge Competition, Jeff Harris has been pleased thus far with his new bucker. 

Although Mud Wasp was only seen twice during the 2015 CBR season, once in Fort Worth and once in Del Rio where he assisted the Harris Bull Team in their Bull Team Challenge win on night one of the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, he made an impact. 

Harris’ son of Mudslinger had a great night taking Neil Holmes to an 89 point score. Harris is most impressed with this new addition to his string and commends Neil Holmes for his outstanding effort. “99% of all other bull riders would not have heard the whistle on that bull, Holmes showed incredible strength,” said Harris.

In April, Cody Rostockyj rode him for 89 points in Fort Worth and you can probably rest assured Mud Wasp will make his first trip to Cheyenne with the Harris family of buckers.


25T Wicked Ways

Sire: Little Yellow Jacket 

Owner: JQH Bucking Bulls

Bred by Billy Jaynes

25T Wicked Ways was added to the JQH string of buckers in February of this year. He was hauled to six events on the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour. JQH used him as the anchor bull in round one during three events and then moved him into the Semi Final Round for the remaining three televised tour events.  But it did not matter which round he was bucked, he stayed steady posting 45 point bull scores three times and 44 point scores twice, completing the season with an average score of 44.5.

Sage Kimzey posted 89.5 on 25T in Fort Worth, but his highest marked ride score was with rookie rider Juan Alonzo when he went 91 points in round two at the Las Vegas CBR event.

“He bucks more like Little Yellow Jacket than Houdini (the sire to his dam) said his owner Skip Jones, owner of JQH Bucking Bulls. 25T was a product of Exclusive Genetics breeding and Gene Baker’s training, and his original name was Destination Unknown. 

JQH is excited about competing in Cheyenne with their newest addition to the bull team division of their bucking bull program. JQH is making their third trip to Cheyenne as finalists in the CBR Bull Team division.