“Party of Two”

The reigning CBR Stock Contractor of the Year, Jeff Harris, can be described as a stock contractor who has a heart for the game, whether he’s flanking or sorting bulls the former bull rider is all smiles whether he’s on his way to a bull riding or a television station for a 5 am morning show interview.

After losing the anchor of his stellar 2014 bull team, 69 Little Nicky, the 2015 Mahindra Road to Cheyenne began as a rebuilding year for the Harris team who despite some bumps along the way won over $33,000 and qualified two teams for the Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days.   

Harris finished third in the Conroe team competition, fourth in Mercedes and won the title in Del Rio on night one which was the “Del Rio Cheyenne Challenge” and automatic qualification for the CBR Bull Team Competition World Finals. In addition, he was partnered, and supplied the winning combination of bulls, Shorty, Grey Goose, and Mud Wasp for Seth Louthan’s Okeechobee team who won first in Fort Worth at the Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge bull team competition.

Harris bucked ten different bulls for his 40 outs on tour this year with many memorable moments along the way.  911 Bargain Bin was the anchor of Harris’ outs with 3 qualified rides. Cody Rostockyj, Taryl Smith and Neil Holmes could get by this great bucker, but the World Champs, Cody Teel, Josh Barentine, and Cole Echols, all bucked off.  

Neil Holmes went 90 points on 1160 Grey Goose in Fort Worth while 100 Bowlegs assisted Sage Kimzey achieve his world title after an 89 point ride in Cheyenne during the 2014 World Finals.

17 Honky Kat was Harris’ bad boy of the season bucking off Sage Kimzey, Trey Benton, Wyatt Rogers, Brennon Eldred, and Tanner Bothwell on his way to the title of “unridden”.

Harris will no doubt buck his latest edition to the team, 8061 Mud Wasp, a bull he acquired in April of this year. Mud Wasp, a son of the great Mudslinger (D&H), who helped his team gather valuable points in Fort Worth and Del Rio.   

Harris is known by bull riders as a “rider friendly” bull man. He always talks to the riders and tries to get the best out he can for them and the bull.  Former CBR bull rider Tate Harris had this to say about his Dad.

And with that in mind the 25 year old bull rider describes his Dad. “He loves to work. We run 800 or so cows most of the time and he works daylight to dark most days and he loves it.”

Advice from Dad? “Well, according to Tate, “it is a phrase he says when we want to do something he may not agree with, I’m gonna tell you what my daddy told me, let your conscience be your guide.”

Jeff Harris listens to George Strait, eats a lot of rib eyes, and travels in a pack with Mike Jones, Mike Rawson and Lyndal Hurst. “The bucking bull business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. CBR is lucky to have Jeff Harris who recognizes talent and potential in bovine athletes and brings them to Championship Bull Riding,” said CEO and Chairman of the Board, Benny Cude. 

54 year old Jeff Harris, born and raised and still residing in Palestine, Texas, has been hauling bulls for over 20 years. “I rode bulls and bucking horses as a young man and started raising a few bulls after I quit riding, then I started rodeoing with them,” said Harris responding to how he got into the game. “Wayne Barrett a local stock contractor from the Palestine area was my mentor. He loved the rodeo business as much as I did. He did it for the love of the sport and not for the money.”


CBR: What is something about you that would surprise those who know you?

Harris: My dad was a Baptist Deacon and church song leader  for 55 years, and my mom played piano in church….I was raised in the Baptist Church….I am crazy and love to cut up and have fun, but I was raised by great Christian parents.

CBR: What is one thing you always do before you flank your bulls?

Harris:  Talk to my rider and try to get the best out I can for him and my bull.

CBR: What a famous athlete you would like to change places with?

Harris: Peyton Manning great athlete and a class act.

CBR: What is something you learned early that you carry with you today?

Harris: Never forget where you came from and remember those who helped you along the way.

CBR: Who was your favorite superhero as a kid?

Harris: Marshall Dillon from Gunsmoke.

CBR: What is are favorite bucking genetics?

Harris: Hooter, Skatkat

CBR: What is the best bull ride you ever witnessed?

Harris: Gary Richards on Moody Blues a long time ago!

CBR: Best bull ride you ever made?

Harris: Oakwood Texas FFA Rodeo 1978.

CBR: Best out you ever flanked?

Harris: Aaron Pass on #69 Lil Nicky at Horizon CBR in Jacksonville Texas 2012

CBR: What is your dream job?

Harris:  What I already do every day. I am very blessed.


Jeff Harris and his wife Susan live with about 900 head of cattle on the Rafter J Ranch just outside of Palestine, Texas where raising cattle is a family way of life.  Son Tate, 26, and daughter Lacee, 20, work the ranch with their father. Together they raise and breed about 100 head of buckers and the remaining 800 are commercial cattle. Tate recently married stock contractor Nicole Porter and they make their home, with a herd of buckers, outside Palestine, Texas.