Horizon Series Leader Prepares for Cheyenne

The first cowboy to ride the 2014 CBR Bull of the Year, 8043 Penny Lover was not one of the top five cowboys on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour. It was rookie bull rider, Keaton Moody, a twenty year old running back turned bull rider from Hartshorn, Oklahoma. Moody who not only rode this great bucker for 92.5 points at his first televised tour event, fast forward six months and he has earned his way to Cheyenne as the #20 ranked cowboy to compete in his first CBR World Finals.

“I played football and basketball, but all I ever wanted to do was rodeo,” claimed the rookie bull rider who won four saddles and fifteen buckles during his youth rodeo career in Oklahoma Junior Rodeo Association and the Oklahoma Youth Rodeo Association. 

Moody, who earned his way on tour thru the qualifying CBR Horizon Series, is currently the leader of the CBR Horizon Standings. With only twelve points, and two events, separating Moody and traveling partner Lane Toon, make no mistake… Championship Bull Riding is this cowboy’s top priority for the next sixty days.

In January, Moody, earned his way to the CBR televised tour from the qualifying CBR Horizon Series tour. Finishing in the top five at four Horizon series events, this 5’8”, and 165 pound cowboy rode three for three to finish second behind the veteran, Elliott Jacoby, at his first event on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne.  

Moody’s bull riding career began when his grandma married Alan Echols, a former rodeo cowboy who took an interest in Keaton and taught him the basics of team roping, saddle bronc, and bull riding. At five years old Moody began riding calves and by eight years old he was on his way to being a bull rider. At 12 he received formal instruction from World Champion Mike Lee’s bull riding school, and later honed his craft with Lyle Sankey. 

After graduation from high school, Moody began his career entering open rodeos. Meeting Newt Brasfield and Lane Toon on the road, the three quickly became traveling partners hitting the road together to pursue their dreams.

“I watched the CBR on TV and thought from the shows that the bulls were more event than anywhere else you could enter,” said Moody. 

“Newt and Lane had gone to one and said how great it really was and so I began trying to enter the entry level tour.”


We caught up with Keaton after winning the Cave Creek, Arizona pro rodeo.   

CBR: Who is your mentor?

Moody: My grandma. If she had not married a cowboy I wouldn’t be a bull rider.

CBR: What do you like about the CBR?

Moody: What I really like about the CBR is the comradery is the best in bull riding, even the stock contractors are all friends and support each other, you just don’t find that anywhere else in the industry. 

CBR: What was it like being the first to ride Penny Lover?  

Moody: My traveling partners had talked about wanting to get on him. As we traveled we saw him a few times at the Stockyards and strategized what we would do if given the opportunity. When I qualified for Jackson I talked to Sage (Kimzey) about him at that event. I slid my rope back further than I normally would and it all worked out.”

CBR: What are you doing to stay in shape for Cheyenne?

Moody: Rodeoing all summer, getting on as many bulls as I can.

CBR: Do you study the bulls?

Moody: I know most of the bulls, and I try to remember everything about them all, but sometimes you just have to get on and ride jump for jump, without setting a trap.

CBR: What bull would you like to get on in Cheyenne?

Moody: Little Shyster (Rawson) and Karaoke (Elite) 

CBR: What advice has Tuff Hedeman given you?

Moody: He helped me when I drew Corpus Red (Knapp), telling me what to do to ride him. I bucked off that day, but the advice he gave me has made me a better rider.