Welcome to the Club!

It is rare to talk to a bull rider who rides on the professional circuit that did not journey his way thru the ranks of organized junior and high school rodeo. But the 5’10, 155 pound right handed cowboy who is the #23 ranked bull rider in the CBR, did just that.

Tye Chandler, a native of Celina, Texas, began riding calves at five years old and soon progressed to bucking steers. At fifteen he by-passed the high school rodeo scene and was well on his way riding the amateur rodeo trail until he suffered a set back while getting on practice bulls in Aubrey, Texas.  Chandler was out of competition for eight months.

Fast forward five years and Chandler finds himself preparing for his first Championship Bull Riding World Finals.

Focusing on core strength and cross fit to stay in shape, Chandler plans to rodeo to stay in shape for the two day finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days in July.  Chandler received his first call up to the CBR Road to Cheyenne tour last August during the two day season opener in Huron, South Dakota. “I was traveling with Taylor Toves and it worked out I got a slot,” said the two-year veteran of the Hill College Rodeo team who credits his Dad for mentoring his bull riding career. 

Chandler’s high marked ride of the CBR season was on Rockin R’s 903 Big Sexy during round one of the CBR Dakota swing. He followed that up with two qualified rides in Hobbs on 055 Bad Tattoo (Melton) and Rewind (TDS).

“I really like the CBR. The consistency of the bulls that Tuff (Hedeman) selects is what keeps me coming back. Everyone has a fair shot at the end of the day.”

Riding in the fall on the 8 Seconds to Glory circuit, Chandler gathered valuable points in the Gonzales and Houma Horizon events which earned him a place on the Road to Cheyenne televised tour where he qualified for eleven events and rode several of the tour’s most difficult draws. He was 87.5 on Cory Melton’s Crimson King in Fort Worth and also rode the elusive Western Hauler’s Bad Tattoo for 87.5 in Hobbs, New Mexico. 

While he admits he never settled in and rode as steady as he planned, he is looking forward to the CBR World Finals and hopes he has the getting “worked up” out of his system for the upcoming CBR and professional rodeo seasons.

As far as bulls are concerned, “No Hands” is his favorite and he will be excited when he draws the great bucker from Benny Cude Bucking Bulls.