Bulls and Bownds Rule on Night One in Del Rio

A veteran bull rider who once skipped his senior prom to attend his first George Paul Memorial Bull Riding posted 91 points, earning him the first night’s win and the right to attempt the bounty bull for a shot at winning the Ram 3500 fully loaded diesel truck on night one, the Horizon Series division, of the 38th edition of the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding (GPMBR) sponsored by Ram Country of Del Rio and presented by Bud Light.

Tuff Hedeman and Championship Bull Riding (CBR) delivered forty outstanding outs with only eight cowboys lasting the required eight seconds, but it was not lack of effort on the part of the cowboys as six bull riders were bucked off between 7 and 8 seconds. 

The first cowboy out, Corey Bailey of Paris, Tennessee would set the pace with his 89.5 points on Lyndal Hurst’s Ice Man.  That score would hold the lead thru section one as the only qualified ride. The bulls would continue domination until Utah’s Adam Lucero was 88 on Bar MD Rodeo’s Raunchy Rawhide, a bull making his first appearance on the CBR tour. Mexico’s Hector Cardona would thrill the border town crowd midway thru the second section with an 87 on Jeff Harris’s Shorty.

Bailey would continue to hold onto the lead as former CBR World Finals Champion and the 2014 George Paul runner up Neil Holmes would turn in a one of a kind 8 seconds. Holmes, on Harris’s new bucker Mud Wasp, was all but bucked off with his upper body completely out of sight and hanging on the side of the bull, but in super hero strength, Holmes determination kept his hand tightly gripped and he appeared upright to finish the last 3 seconds of his 89 point ride.

Inspired by Holmes’s effort was next in line, Chandler Bownds. Bownds, an NFR qualifier who has been to the George Paul four times, is a crowd favorite and tonight he would get on a bull he knew well, Black Betty. Betty, having one of his best outs to date on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour, carried Bownds and the fans to a new high of 91 points. According to Bownds he set a trap for his bucking opponent that didn’t work. “He usually goes out and turns to the left, but tonight he switched it up and I had to hustle to adjust”, said Bownds just moments after his ride on Black Betty, one of the few bucking bulls on the roster that has attended almost every CBR event “on the Road to Cheyenne” televised tour.

Section III would see only one score and that would come from Corey Maier’s 90 points on Silver Creek’s Hell Pony. Eli Vastbinder and Jory Markiss were the only two to post scores in section IV with Eli joining the George Paul 90-point club on Melton’s Crimson King and Markiss getting a reride after a 71 point score. 

The last section would end just like the bull riding began, with one qualified ride in that section. Rookie Troy Garcia of Tilden, Texas rode Silver Creek’s Something Else for 86 points. 

With first place honors holding at 91 points, Lubbock, Texas’s Chandler Bownds would earn the right to attempt the bounty bull Dougie from Silver Creek, -D Cattle and Vogele.  At stake, the $35,000 fire engine red truck provided by Nick Khoury and Ram Country of Del Rio.  Bownds, an NFR qualifier and veteran CBR tour rider was not surprised by the strength of Dougie. Lasting just 3.5 seconds, Bownds had this to say about his second attempt on Dougie, “He was a lot stronger than he looks, fast too, he is just a really good bull, and I will be ready for him next time.”   

Bownds, probably the most disappointed rider on night one at the Val Verde fairgrounds, was not the only rider coming down early tonight. The Championship Bull Riders were pounded on by the rank bulls entered tonight in the bull team challenge portion of Championship Bull Riding’s Horizon Series event. The “other side of the ride” competition featured twelve three bull teams that accumulates points for the bull’s score plus one point for each second the rider stays on the bull’s back.  

2014 Stock Contractor of the Year, Jeff Harris from Palestine, Texas, came out on top with two of their three bulls being ridden. According to Harris, it is 955 Shorty he can depend on to anchor his team with a qualified score every time the latch cracks. Shorty did his job tonight helping the team with his 87 point score. Harris’s son of Mudslinger, 8061 Mud Wasp, would have a great night taking Neil Holmes to an 89 point score. Harris is most impressed with this new addition to his string and commends Neil Holmes for his outstanding effort. “99% of all other bull riders would not have heard the whistle tonight on that bull, Holmes showed incredible strength,” said Harris. 

The Harris family admits they are bucking bull fanatics and tonight they won with 285.82 total points, just .60 ahead of his good friends Lyndal Hurst and Tom Baker. Harris collected a check for $20,000 and his bull’s efforts advanced him to the CBR World Finals Bull Team competition in July in Cheyenne. Hurst and Baker finished second with a $12,000 check.

Competition resumes tomorrow at the George Paul Memorial Bull Riding, Val Verde County Fairgrounds, 2006 N. Main St., Del Rio, Texas with doors opening at 5:00 pm and the bull riding begins at 8:00 p.m. Tickets still available at the ticket office. 


CBR Del Rio Horizon Rider Results

1. Chandler Bownds 91 on Black Betty (Rawson) $3,500

2. Corey Maier, 90 on Hell Pony (Silver Creek)

3. Eli Vastbinder, 90 on Crimson King (Melton)

4. Corey Bailey, 89.5 on Iceman (Hurst/Baker)

5. Neil Holmes, 89 on Mud Wasp, (Harris) 


CBR Del Rio Cheyenne Challenge Bull Team Results

1. Jeff Harris 285.82 $20,000

2. Hurst/Baker 285.22 $12,000

3. Rawson 281.27 $8,000

4. Bar MD Rodeo $5,000


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