Championship Bull Riding Rewards the Future of Bull Riding with $250,000

Since its beginning in 2012, the CBR Championship Futurity Tour (CFT) has grown into one of the most competitive events in the limited age bovine performance industry. The CBR’s CFT regular season has come to an end with a total of sixty teams participating in the 2015 season. The special event series produced by CBR featured a pair of two-year-old futurities comprised of three bulls per team, from ten different states, competing at the George Henderson Expo Center in Lufkin, Texas, and the South Point Hotel Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada for a total purse of $112,500.
The CFT is comprised of two regular season events and a World Finale to be held in Conroe, Texas on October 3, in conjunction with the CBR Conroe Bull Mania. The 2015 rules of the CFT were amended this year requiring that at least one bull, on the three bull teams competing in the World Finale, has to have competed in one of the previous 2015 season qualifying events.
The 2-year-old youngsters were judged on their kick, strength, and intensity - simultaneously, with how quickly they turn back with speed. 
After two events and a total of 180 outs, these two year olds athleticism was tested during the 2015 Tour with only one point separating first and third places at the Las Vegas event. But in the end it was H.D. Page from Dickson, Oklahoma who took home not one, but two championship buckles from the CBR CFT tour. Page’s Dam Cattle Company and Bulls Gone Wild teams were crowned the Champion and Reserve Champion of both the Lufkin and Las Vegas events.  
The same trio of buckers won the two CFT first place honors with big name genetics anchoring this team. Powered by Shepard Hill Tested, Double Oak sired by Mudslinger, and Gee Whiz, 41A Fireball was the stand out calf in both events with his highest score coming in during Las Vegas, a 90.75. With 135 calves roaming the ranch in Oklahoma, H.D. tested his genetics with a different set of calves for the Bulls Gone Wild Team for the Vegas event, but the outcome was the same, a second place finish.
The Vegas Bulls Gone Wild team was anchored by a 89.5 point performance by 87A Wonder Flyer, sired by 24S Best Ever (88 Best Shot) out of a Crazy Train daughter whose mother is a Smooth Move daughter. 
Next up was 330A Showout (88.75) who is sired by 44X Showoff, a son of 009 Showtime and out of a Crooked Face daughter out of 590-228, dam to 790 Mossy Oak Mudslinger.  95A All Aboard’s 82.75 points came from 20T Train Wreck, a son of Crazy Train out of 9105W, who is by 88 Best Shot and out of a Houdini cow.
In 1985, H.D.’s father bought a trailer of bucking heifers for $1 a pound and began experimenting with bloodlines. Today, H.D. admits to loving the sport of bucking the younger generation. H.D. and his family have spent over fifteen years breeding and studying their pedigreed herd to determine which attributes pass on to the next generation. 
“The genetics have changed since this type of competition first started with the Buckers, Inc. years ago, it’s like day and night how much it has progressed. Back then 5% of the bulls were strong buckers, today it’s more like 100%.”
“I really like the little guys, it’s more challenging and they have their whole lives ahead of them,” said H.D. who is a partner in the Rocking P Brand and D & H Cattle Company. 
What is the secret to the Page’s success? 
“For most of these calves it was their first time off the ranch (in Lufkin) so how much hands on they have had affects them directly. I decided based on consistency and what condition they are in, and  it makes a difference if they will eat, travel and pen well together so they are not risking injury by fighting each other,” said HD  after his first $32,000 win in Lufkin.. 
Coming in third in Las Vegas and seventh in Lufkin was Lyndal Hurst and Tom Baker’s team featuring three fraternal brothers. These three Mooseknuckle calves were all raised at the Hurst Ranch in Slayton, Texas.  In Las Vegas only .25 points separated them from Page’s second place team. The strong placing is bittersweet to Hurst who lost Mooseknuckle, a son of M17, when he passed away in 2014. M17 remains on the industry’s list of top 30 sires of performance bucking bulls.  Hurst, who does not name his bulls until they earn it, bucked the same three calves in both cities, listed simply as 343, 3113, and 3713. Hopefully by Conroe, these three band of bucking brothers will have names.
Spreading out his calves over three teams, Brett Barrett stayed alive in both events with a fourth and a seventh place finish with bull #32, Playin’ with Fire, the standout next to his name at both events.
Chad Ramer’s 24A who was scored 91.75 points, the highest marked calf of the Lufkin futurity, was absent from the draw sheet in Las Vegas. 
The highest marked calf in Las Vegas that was not on a Page team was JQH’s Jones 610, with Mudslinger and Straight Jacket roots, who was 89.5 points, enough to assist his team in winning the fourth place check.    
One of the standouts in Lufkin was A5, Hustlin Kitty, a bull calf by Stray Kitty that bucked hard while changing directions not once but twice for his 90.75 total bull score.  Jaynes Gang’s 3426 Hillbilly Jitterbug lead his team to a fourth place finish in Lufkin and Chase Foutch’s L301 calf, a Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo bred calf, was consistently ranked in both cities leading both teams to the pay window.    
The Championship Futurity Tour World Finale will be held on October 3 in Conroe, Texas. 
Lufkin CFT Results
1. Dam Cattle Co     271.75
2. Bulls Gone Wild     270.25
3. Sellers Bucking Bulls     266.75
4. 01 Cattle / Barrett / Prewitt     266.00
5. The Jaynes Gang & Friends     265.25
6. Rawson / Foutch     263.75
7. Tom Baker / Lyndal Hurst & Harris Bucking Bulls     262.50
Las Vegas CFT Results
1. Dam Cattle Co     262.75
2. Bulls Gone Wild     262.00
3. Lyndal Hurst / Tom Baker     262.75
4. JQH Bucking Bulls     261.00
5. Scott & Heather Burleson     260.50
6. Ricky Carpenter / Carpenter & Hudgins     259.00
7. Barrett / Prewitt / Barthold     258.75