The New Kids On the Block

ďWhat a difference a day can makeĒ is a popular saying in life. Give Championship Bull Ridingís (CBR) 30 stock contractors 14 days and they will find 51 new bulls and drive over a thousand miles in search of what makes a difference in the placings of the next Championship Futurity Tour competition. 

Arriving in Las Vegas this week are 90 of the industryís top bucking prospects that with time and experience, will grow into the buckers that power the rodeo and professional bucking bull world. 30 teams comprised of three two year old bulls per team, will compete to earn points to determine this yearís Las Vegas Futurity Champion. The 2014 Champion, Marc Andrus and Larry Barker are returning to defend their title.  

The master minds of the two year old buckers are bringing 39 calves that bucked in the first CFT event back for round two to be held on Saturday, March 7 at the South Point Equestrian Center Arena. The first installment of the series was in Lufkin, Texas on February 21, with H.D. Page taking home $32,000 for his first and second place finish.

But more impressively is that they have found 51 new calves to buck to try and win a piece of the $56,250.00 up for grabs on Saturday morning in Las Vegas.

Baby-bucker stand outs from the Lufkin event that are returning to the competition include HV302 Tuxedo bucking on Barrett/Prewitt/Barthold team, Mike Sellers 3A and 4A who were both 89.5 in their last outing. 

A5 Hustlin Kitty from J.D. Dunnís 01 Cattle Company, Barrett & Prewitt and Lyndal Hurst and Tom Bakerís 3113 who will be bucking alongside his two Moose Knuckle brothers.  

Absent from the roster is 24A, from Chad Ramerís Rockin R team, who was the highest marked bull of the Lufkin CFT with 91.75 points. He is replaced with a bull Ramer raised, A16 that has already won over $15,000 on the 2015 futurity circuit.   

Greg and Carolyn Talbertís team includes bull 341, sired by Segs the Juice, who died in the Colorado floods a few years back. This calf was raised by bull riding great Kody Lostroh. Having sentimental value to Talbertís team is bull 317 who is sired by Cool Chrome. Cool Chrome was on the first bull team challenge team that Greg Talbert won in Tulsa a few years back.

Skip and Elaine Jones have added 303 a Ratchet raised calf that they thought was too big to compete, but started bucking so well they decided to give him a chance.

The unknowns that include three new buckers on each team include Lonnie Austinís team and one of H.D. Pageís teams.  J.C. Knapp reloaded with 3 new calves as did the Scott, Elite, and Burleson teams. 

The action gets underway at 8:00 am in the South Point Equestrian Center Arena, 9777 Las Vegas Blvd, South. This event is free to the public.