D&H Cattle Company Sweeps the Season Opener of the CBR Championship Futurity Tour

Since it began in 2012, the CBR Championship Futurity Tour has grown into one of the most prestigious events in the bovine performance industry. The CBR’s first two-year-old futurity event in 2015 drew young bucking bulls and their owners from ten states to the George Henderson Expo Center in Lufkin, Texas, to compete for a total purse of $56,250.00.

Competing with their two-year-old bulls in the first leg of the CBR’s triathlon of the bovine world, the youngsters were judged on their kick, strength, and intensity - simultaneously, with how quickly they turn back with speed.

After watching the ninety calves, grouped into thirty teams of three bulls each, test their athleticism during the first event of the 2015 Championship Futurity League Tour, H.D. Page from Dickson, Oklahoma was crowned the Champion and Reserve Champion of the futurity held on the morning of February 21st. 

In 1985, H.D.’s father bought a trailer of bucking heifers for $1 a pound and began experimenting with bloodlines. Today, H.D. admits to loving the sport of bucking the younger generation. 

“I really like the little guys, it’s more challenging and they have their whole lives ahead of them,” said H.D. who is a partner in the Rocking P Brand and D&H Cattle Company. 

While his trailers were full of mature bucking bulls headed to three different states on this particular weekend, H, as he is called by close friends, chose the arena at the Championship Futurity Tour to try and figure out which attributes in his pedigrees were passed on to the next generation of bucking bulls.

Wearing his signature brown felt Resistol, Page flanked at least twelve calves at the first event of the CBR CFT season. Admitting that he had about 134 more at home waiting their turn, Page had this to say about his process in selecting the three teams.

“For most of these calves it was their first time off the ranch so how much hands on they have had affects them directly. I decided based on consistency and what condition they are in, and it makes a difference if they will eat, travel and pen well together so they are not risking injury by fighting each other,” said H.D. while still holding the $20,000.00 and the $12,000.00 checks for first and second place. 

Headquarters for the Pages’ D&H Cattle Company is 1,100 acres along the Washita River in southern Oklahoma. The farming land has been in the family for six generations, but, bulls are the real business at D&H Cattle Co., and winning the $32,000.00 CFT check proves that the business is good.

H.D., a former bull rider was present at the first two-year-old futurity ever held some fifteen years ago, commented on the state of the baby bull business.

 “The genetics have changed since this type of competition first started with the Buckers, Inc. years ago, it’s like day and night how much it has progressed. Back then 5% of the bulls were strong buckers; today it’s more like 100%.” 

Bucking his bulls in Section I in the ninth team slot, the Page’s “Bulls Gone Wild” team would take the lead with a 270.25 total score. That team would not be threatened until his second team, bucking in the seventeenth position, would take the lead with 271.75.  With big name genetics stacked on his side, this team was anchored in bull scores powered by Shepherd Hill Tested, Double Oak sired by Mudslinger, and Gee Whiz. Each of the three buckers posted over 90 scores. A pair of 90.5 points and a 90.75 for the winning team’s performance. 

Page’s first two teams would clear the field by more than 4 points with Sellers Bucking Bulls being the third place team scoring 266.75. A calf only known as 193 would be the stand out on Sellers’ team making a big impression on his first trip to the competitive arena. Representing Mike Sellers, 193 is full of bull. He can attribute his performance to the genes from Automatic, Superstition, and Wrangler Sports Coat.

Coming in fourth place was the partnership of 01 Cattle, Barrett and Prewitt. The standout on that team was A5, Hustlin Kitty, a bull calf by Stray Kitty that bucked hard while changing directions not once but twice for his 90.75 total bull score.

Fifth place was the Jaynes Gang and Friends with 265.25 followed by the sixth place team from former Stock Contractor of the Year, Mike Rawson, and Chase Foutch’s trio which featured a local raised calf from Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo L301.

Competing with calves born and raised at the Hurst Ranch, Tom Baker and Lyndal Hurst slid into seventh place with a band of bucking brothers all out of Moose Knuckle, Lyndal Hurst’s former super star bucker sired by M 17. Moose Knuckle, who died last year, remains in the industry’s registry of top 30 sires in the bucking bull industry.

The high marked bull of the event was from Chad Ramer’s Rockin R team. 24A- was scored 91.75 points.

The CBR Championship Futurity Tour resumes on March 7, in Las Vegas, Nevada at the South Point Hotel and Casino Equestrian Center Arena where thirty teams of three two-year-old bulls per team will compete for a $56,250.00 purse. The tour culminates in a World Finale held in conjunction with the Conroe, Texas Bull Mania in October of 2015 where the winner will pocket $50,000 with a total of $150,000.00 up for grabs.