Cody Teel Wins Back-to-Back Championships at the Lufkin Bull Bash

On a windy rainy night in the piney woods of East Texas, Cody Teel proved why he is a champion. Fighting injury to his knee, the 2012 Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association's World Champion bull rider rode three of the best bulls on The Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour and collected the Hyo Silver buckle, a check for $18,500 and a new pair of Fenoglio Boots, for the second consecutive year in front of the closest thing to a hometown crowd he sees all year.

"I love riding in Lufkin, I spent a lot of time in this arena when I was younger and the crowd well they just are incredible here. I could hear them cheering when I thought I was bucked off in round two."    

With only thirteen qualified rides from 43 attempts, the bulls, powered by the CBR Bull Team Challenge, were in rank form.  


Round One

Elliot Jacoby and Cody Rostockyj started round one with two great rides for 87 and 89 points respectively. Taryl Smith would tie Rostockyj's 89 points with a rematch draw on Rawson's Jailhouse Socks. Although veterans Teel, Bownds and 2012 CBR World Champion, Josh Barentine, would hear the eight second whistle, Smith and Rostockyj would retain the lead in the round with the pair of 89's. In an off twist of fate, three riders, Juan Alonzo, Corey Bailey, and Tye Chandler would buck off between 7.5 and 8 seconds.   

Hips, slips, and a fall would see three re-rides, Cole Echols, Chandler Bownds, and Wyatt Rogers, awarded in round one with Bownds being the only one to survive the re-ride pen to advance on his 87-point score.


Semi Final Round

The Semi Final round would join the seven qualified rides with five draw backs based on time ridden to field the 12 bull riders.

Taking several blows to the body in round two was Ty Wallace, Collbran, Colorado. Wallace's attempt to survive the rankest scored bull of the night, Red Rocket, from Pointed Rock Cattle Company, would end at 5.6 seconds, but he was lucky to leave the arena in an upright position.

Rookie, Mickey Andrews, would also buck off, but the Mahindra young gun, Corey Bailey, would easily ride perennial favorite Ragin JT for 90 points.

Recently retired from the United State Army, crowd favorite Juan Alonzo, from Westlaco, Texas made a spectacular highflying ride to earn the highest mark of the night honor for his 91.5 spin on Black Betty from Mike Sellers Bucking Bulls.

Next up was Tye Chandler who would have trouble out of the chutes and could not get past Benny Cude's Cadillac Red who anchored that bull team with his particularly rank 90.5 bull score.

Next in line was a World Champion and a rookie who both heard the buzzer before eight seconds. Josh Barentine's night ended on the third rank bull of the team of Cunningham and Scoggins. Rookie, Lane Toon who earned his way on tour thru the CBR's Horizon Series left the arena at 3.8 seconds on JQH's Wicked Ways.

National Finals Rodeo contender Elliot Jacoby would be the first to ride two and he would take the lead with 176 on two. Bownd's hand would pop out early, but Teel would use his long legs and weak knee to hustle back to center for an 85 on M17's Ghost from the Penny Dalton Gang.  Taryl Smith would not be able to handle Cory Melton's All Shook Up, but the second Mahindra young gun of the night, Cody Rostockyj, would easily get by 911 Bargain Bin from Jeff Harris to be in the driver's seat for the bull selection of the Shootout Round.


Shootout Round

The Shootout Round would see two hometown boys in the line-up. Cody Teel and a bull raised by a local stock contractor. With Rostockyj leading the average with 176.5, he selected the sentimental favorite, Raven's Mistake, a bull raised by Chuck and Patty Griffith's Lufkin Ranch and Rodeo, but now owned by Mike Rawson. 

Jacoby selected the cowboy favorite, #8388 Seeing Red (Barrett/Craig/Elite), an NFR bull Aaron Pass won a round on in Vegas last year and Cody Teel won the CBR Rio Rancho event on earlier this year. Jacoby's effort to win his second event on The Mahindra Road to Cheyenne would end at 3.4 seconds with the rank trip of Seeing Red.   

Teel was up next and it was between Jimmy Jaynes' Outside the Box or Benny Cude's Penny Lover. Having attempted Penny Lover four times in 2014 with no success, Teel decided to try his hand against Outside the Box, a bull he had seen many times but never drawn. Juan Alonzo, the only rider to come back on one qualified ride, would be left to select Penny Lover.

Penny Lover's hard right would bring Juan Alonzo down early at 3.4 seconds. 

Teel was next and he slid his rope back a little more than usual, anticipating the bull's hard right turn.  "I have seen him many times, he moves backwards while bucking hard, I was just feeling comfortable when it was time to get off," said Teel. The dismount, which happened to be the most terrifying part of the eight second 91 point ride, flipped him over twice before he hit the ground to begin a getaway that was assisted by Evan Williams Bourbon bullfighter, Craig Check, throwing himself between Teel and the big white bull.

But it was not over yet, Cody Rostockyj was pulling his rope on the Lufkin native bull, Raven's Mistake, a son of Zorro who has been to almost every CBR event since 2013. Rostockyj would start the ride in perfect form, but came down early at 5.51 seconds when the big bucker got him off balance.

Cody Teel, the only bull rider to ride three bulls inside the George Henderson Expo Center, would not only win the eighth stop on the Mahindra Road to Cheyenne Tour, but his second Lufkin Bull Bash with a host of family and friends in the stands.  Stockpiling points from the Lufkin Bull Bash will certainly move him up ladder in the CBR World Standings and position him for a real shot at the CBR World Championship that comes with a $100,000 check. While finishing high in the standings for the past two years, the championship has eluded Teel mostly because of injuries he suffered in Houston causing him to miss part of the CBR season in 2013 and 2014.    

The Lufkin Bull Bash was also a stop on the CBR Bull Team Challenge Road to Cheyenne competition. With only five events left on the regular season schedule, the bull team owners are jockeying for position to receive that coveted invitation to the CBR World Finals where the winner takes home a $100,000 bonus check.

Semi-local stock contractor Mike Rawson, Martinsville, Texas, took home the honors and a check for $20,000 in a tight race, which Rawson edged out Barrett/Craig/Ruggs team by only 1.03 points. Rawson's combination of buckers Jailhouse Socks, and White Wolf, posted qualified rides with, LIttle Shyster, scoring a rank score of 91 points as he bucked off Ty Wallace in 6.46 seconds.  

6.13 points behind Barrett/Craig/Ruggs one ride score team effort was Skip and Elaine Jones' JQH team. Splitting fourth place was Benny Cude's rank 7 Rockin X Ranch team and Blankenship and King's Painted Rock Cattle Company.  Cude's team was the only group to place with 3 rank scores and no qualified rides. That team consisted of Energy Too, High Dollar Habit, and Cadillac Red. 

The CBR Mahindra Road to Cheyenne tour resumes on March 7 with the Tuff Hedeman Vegas Challenge Presented by Boot Barn & Discount Tire at the South Point Hotel and Equestrian Events Center. For more information contact Leigh Ann Schroeder, 940.902.1112 or


Lufkin Results


Round 1

1, Cody Rostockyj, Hillsboro, Texas, (tie) 89 on Jack Tar (JQH). Taryl Smith,Litchville, ND, 89 on Jailhouse Socks (Rawson). 3, Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, 88. 4, Elliott Jacoby, Fredericksburg, Texas, 87. 5, Lane Toon, Smithville, Okla., 87. 6, Chandler Bownds, Lubbock, Texas, 87. 7, Josh Barentine, Johnson's Bayou, La., 86.


Semi Finals 

1, Juan Alonzo, Westlaco, Texas, 91.5 on Black Betty (Sellers) 2, Corey Bailey, Paris, Tenn., 90. 3, Elliott Jacoby, Fredericksbug, Texas, 89. 4, Cody Rostockyj, Hillsboro, Texas, 87.5. 5, Cody Teel, 85.


Shoot Out Round

1. Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, 91 on Outside the Box (Jimmy Jaynes), $18,750.00



Teel     264

Rostockyj     176.5

Jacoby     176

Alonzo     91.5  


Lufkin Bull Team Challenge

1. Rawson Bucking Bulls 289.46 $20,000 

2. Barrett/Craig/Kevin Ruggs  288.43 $12,000

3. JQH Bucking Bulls 282.30 $8,000

4. (tie) 7 Rocking X Ranch 281.01 $2,500

Pointed Rock Cattle 281.01 $2,500


Bull of the Event (Rank bull score) Red Rocket (Pointed Rock) 92.5 points

Champion Bull (High Marked Ride) Black Betty (Sellers) 91.5 points