Promising Young Athletes Prepare to Debut at The T-Rex-S Outdoor Store CBR Bull Bash

The Championship Futurity Tour (CFT) 2015 season is sitting on go with a total of over $262,000 sitting in the bank waiting to be awarded to the top seven teams at each of the two regular season qualifying events and ten teams at the CFT World Finale, scheduled and produced by Championship Bull Riding.  This season the owners of the CFT franchises will compete as one league with team competitions to be held in Lufkin and Las Vegas and the CFT World Finale to be held in conjunction with the Conroe Bull Bash in October.

You can see the next generation of bred to buck bulls beginning at 8 am on February 21, at the George Henderson Expo Center in Lufkin, Texas. Thirty teams of three bulls each will compete to see who can put together the best trio of baby buckers. 

If you are a bucking bull enthusiast you know how important this program is to the development of mature buckers. It is these bulls that will move up to power the many amateur and professional bucking bull tours and rodeos happening daily across the country.

There are pages of individual bull performance records from various events through-out the season available for review which you would think could predict the future of the industry. But most breeders and stock contractors will tell you that selecting one bull to enter an event is usually easy, but sorting and selecting three to perform in harmony on the same date, at the same time, in the same arena is no easy feat. 

Chad Ramer and David Finley’s Rockin R team, who won the CFT World Finals on October 4, 2014, is the reigning CBR CFT World Champions and you can be sure they have locked and reloaded for 2015. Ramer will be flanking their team in Lufkin that consists of great prospects including a bull bred and raised at Rockin R in Sulphur, Oklahoma. Sired by T18 Chance, an A6 bred bull that bucked professionally for seven seasons, but most impressively retired with a 100% buck off rate during his final year, Ramer is hopeful he will be the anchor of this year’s team.

Ramer, who bucks his prospects as yearlings, says he likes to have already competed at least once with his calves before heading to the CFT events.  

The thirty teams of three bulls each will be competing for $20,000, the first place cash prize, and a championship buckle.

Upon evaluation and consultation with the franchise owners, the CBR evaluated and made some changes to the Championship Futurity Tour for 2015.  The CFT will move forward as one league, with two events, Lufkin, TX and Las Vegas, NV, and the CFT World Finale in Conroe, TX. 

In addition, bulls competing in the CBR Championship Futurity Tour futurity events are not required to be registered. Eligible Futurity bulls must be born between January 1 and December 31, two years prior to the year of competition.  Each team consists of three (3) bulls.  CFT World Finale Teams must be comprised of a minimum of one (1) bull that has competed in at least one (1) CFT regular season event.  


What is a Futurity?

A Futurity, as it is called within the industry, is a competition where two-year-old bulls compete against each other. These bulls buck for five seconds with a 25-pound dummy on their back that is remotely released after the five seconds.  Each bull is judged in five categories: Buck, Kick, Spin, Intensity, & Degree of Difficulty. 

Four judges evaluate the bulls, each scoring them 1-25 for a total possible score of 100. Then the team’s scores are added together with the highest total score garnering the biggest check.


2015 Championship Futurity Tour Schedule

Lufkin, TX – February 21 @ 8 AM as part of The T-Rex-S Outdoor Store CBR Bull Bash

Las Vegas, NV – March 7 @ 8 AM as part of The South Point Vegas Challenge Presented by Boot Barn & Discount Tire 

2015 CFT World Finale – Conroe, TX – Date TBD


For more information on CFT franchises, rules, and entries contact