Rostockyj and Blankenship Win the Annual Bringin’ The Heat Bull Riding

He did not mark the highest score or ride the rankest marked bull, but Cody Rostockyj, the cowboy who has become the prototype of consistently good bull riding, was 178 points on two bulls Saturday night to win the $2,700 purse at the 4th Annual Bringin’ The Heat Bull Riding at the JC Knapp Ranch in Mansfield, Texas. 


In front of overly crowded stuffed bleachers, Rostockyj, the #5 ranked bull rider in the CBR World Standings, was 89.5 on Joy Hawks’ Adrenaline Hit. “I saw him in the Fort Worth Stockyards and he was hard to get out on,” said Rostockyj, who is a student of his bucking opponents. “He is a young bull and Joy switched sides on him for Mansfield and he came out clean and felt great,” said Cody of Hawks’ new young bucker.  With 13 qualified rides in round one, Rostockyj would advance to round two in the 6th place position including scoring behind the high marked ride of the event, Michael Earl, Pflugerville, Texas, who was 91.5 on Frick and King’s Mr. Wilson.   


It took an 87 to qualify for the short round which consisted of 10 cowboys, five of who were 90 point plus crowd thrilling rides. Looking for revenge on his second place finish at this event in 2013, Rostockyj would be only one of three to hear the whistle in the short round. Not bothered by the five cowboys who scored 90 plus in round one, Rostockyj would draw the unridden 456 Danger Zone, a grandson of the great Chaos and Little Yellow Jacket and owned by Knapp.  He had seen Michael Earl and Tyler Adrian attempt him, but until Saturday night, never had the opportunity to mount. He would ride him for a solid 88 points to seal the win and go three points ahead of Jesse Parker.


Parker and Whilhem, who were the only other bull riders to cover two, would finish with a 175 and 174 average respectively.  Ironically, the five riders who posted 90 point plus rides would all buck off in the short round.  


As the winner of the event, Rostockyj would have the opportunity to ride a third bull known as the bounty bull. Ironically the bounty bull, Knapp’s legendary CR Corpus Red, was a rematch. “Red” ended Rostockyj’s dreams in Cheyenne when he bucked him off last July at the CBR World Finals. Boasting a 76% average buck off rate, Knapp’s legendary CR Corpus Red would have the home field advantage on his own ranch turf for the rematch and he would win again versus the Hillsboro, Texas cowboy.


David Blankenship’s Pointed Rock Cattle Company from Stephenville, Texas, would win the tightly scored bull team competition with 003 Smooth Criminal, 286 Arm Candy, and 952 Sonic. The frequently really rank scoring team would win the $10,000 check by 1.67 points over one of Mike Rawson’s two team entry. Anchoring Blankenship’s team would be Arm Candy with 75 bull points from Riker Carter’s 90 point plus ride in round one. 003 and 952 would buck off both of their opponents, but turn in bull scores of 70.03 and 70.96.  The high point bull of the team competition would be Rawson’s new super star bucker, Jail House Socks who was 91 points with Cody Tyler in round one. Jimmy Fricks, who Knapp attributes to the success of the annual event at his ranch, would come in third place in a partnership with Trey King in the team event. Rawson’s #2 team would be get the third place check.


The CBR continues the Horizon Series moving to cajun country for the annual 8 Seconds to Glory Bull Riding, produced by James Pierce as a benefit for cancer in Thibodeaux, Louisiana. 


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November 8 Bringin’ The Heat Results


1. Rostockyj 89.5 88.5 178

2. J. Parker 87 88 175

3. L.Whilhem 87 87 174

4. M. Earl 91.5 0 91.5


Open Bull Team Competition


1. Pointed Rock 215.99

2. Mike Rawson 214.32

3. Frick/Wilson 213.54

4. Rawson 212.63