Back to the Future

 Moad Land and Cattle Company Joins the 2015 CBR Bull Team Challenge

The newest addition to the franchise roster of the CBR Bull Team Challenge, Joe Bill Moad, has been associated with rodeo since he was 11 years old.  He has been a gold card member of the PRCA since he retired from rough stock competition in 1984 and his first pro card was issued by the original "RCA"......Rodeo Cowboys Association.  Not only did he attend Jim Shoulders’ bull riding school at 14 years of age, he rode nineteen bulls and was named the student of the week, thus Joe Bill Moad began his ride through the rich history that surrounds him.  

Blue Duck, sometimes referred to as Bluford Duck, was an early Oklahoma Indian outlaw of the Old West during the mid-1880s who was so gangster that he appeared regularly in the Lonesome Dove series. The non-fiction version is that Blue Duck was born into the Cherokee Nation, but by the early 1870s he was riding with gangs across the Oklahoma Territory committing armed robberies and acts of cattle rustling. He was caught, sentenced to hang, released for medical reasons and died in Catoosa, Oklahoma in 1896, some 110 years before a bucking bull would be his namesake.  

In an odd coincidence, the next year in 1897 Mr. Henry Hutchinson staked Turkey Track Ranch, a 3000 acre ranch in the Indian Territory Antelope Hills of Rogers Mills County, Oklahoma. Since then it has remained in the hands of the same family. Today, Sylvia B. Moad, linear heir to the Oklahoma ranch, remains the ranch administrator at 84 years of age, but her son Joe Bill honors the lineage and the land in a much different way than his predecessors.

“The Ranch today is home to our horses, Moad Cattle, and competitive bucking bulls that we are breeding, buying, and bucking in all levels of the bull business.  The land is also being used as a commercial hunting ranch in season,” cites Moad.  Responding to draught and over grazing of leases, Joe Bill Moad, Operations Manager for Turkey Track Ranch, changed the direction of the ranch during recent years which is where we see an appearance of rough stock at the ranch for the first time, as well as a calculated resurgence of care for not only the grasslands but the abundant wildlife. 

"The ranch has already shown that if we take care of it, it will take care of us" tells the younger Moad entrusted with its care.

In 2013, Moad, who had stayed away from the rodeo world since 1984, stopped by D & H Cattle Company’s sale and the rest is history. Now adding to his Plummer herd from such greats as Reindeer Dippin, Apollo, Automatic, and coincidentally a bucker named after the Oklahoma outlaw, Blue Duck.

Moad, with the help of his family’s 1897 homestead, Turkey Tracks Ranch, has developed a multi-layered business built by intertwining bloodlines and hopes his efforts will be carried on by his own flesh and blood, 10 year old son Blake.

Moad Cattle is raising some great bucking bull prospects and entered their first bucking bull futurity in 2013, winning 3rd with 44Z and 4th with 27Z. These well-bred yearlings bucked well and were less than .5 points away from first. According to Moad, “This big black bull is Plummer from tip to toe. He and Blue Duck are larger than most Plummer bred stock. They remind me of the old Tommy Steiner bulls that I used to get on in the PRCA. I hope to breed my cows to this bull and Blue Duck next season because the cows have the same grandfathers that these bulls have. “

The 2014 season turned out well for Moad Cattle as they qualified for their first ABBI Finals in Las Vegas with a calf named Hubert.  Although Hubert’s out was not what he needed to garner a check, Moad was pleased with the young bucker and his efforts before slipping while losing his footing. 

Joe Bill Moad, is Operations Manager and oversees the management of the surface and minerals for the ranch.  Joe Bill has instigated habitat-friendly management and during recent years the ranch has responded with grass, quail, and abundant wildlife providing excellent hunting opportunities to guests.

“We have a rank bull named "Blue Duck". He has not been ridden the full 8 seconds. He is from the original Blue Duck that died in the middle of his career. "Spook" of the late Ronnie Roach is the sire of our Blue Duck.” 

The Moad Cattle company rodeo stock gets the "XM" on the left shoulder, plus the number on their backs that match their registry.  Our domestic livestock gets the "Turkey Track" brand on their right shoulder.  Our bulls that wear the "XM" brand are conditioned year round and fed a specially formulated feed to keep them in shape for the bucking bull industry.

While on the road to Vegas with the young bucker, Moad dispatched Ray Mataska to Mercedes for his first CBR Bull Team Challenge.

Chocked full of bred to buck bulls, Moad’s first appearance on the Road to Cheyenne was a profile writer’s ideal combination.  Sitting in the lobby of the hotel, Ray Mataska, one of the industry’s legends in breeding, was a wealth of information. We talked bulls, riders, and of course money, the enormous amounts available to the current group of CBR cowboys running up and down the road. 

“Bill bought all my bull calves this year and for next year. I kept one out of Mad Max, a bull I raised,” according to Ray Mataska who hauled Moad’s team to the final CBR event in 2014. “We are excited to be here and participate,” said Mataska.  

“Apollo’s Dream, a son of the late great 666 Apollo I, was purchased from Alvin Jones, and Torpedo, a grandson of Apollo headlined the Moad Cattle Company team for Mercedes, but it was 191 Smokin Okie that caught my attention during my history lesson with Mataska. 

A fan of Jerry Nelson’s former Frontier “Five of Kind” buckers, 191, I learned from Ray, was a maternal brother to Nelson’s California Dreamin, one of the industry’s best buckers of all time. California Dreamin (a son of Automatic and out of a Spook cow) who Mataska sold to Nelson for a minimal $1,250.00, was one of Nelson’s all-time great buckers in both the PBR and PRCA. 10 plus 90 points plus rides in his 72% buck-off average career with multiple trips to the PBR and NFR Finals. 

Although he was making his first trip thru the CBR chutes, 191 Smokin Okie is no rookie. He has earned over $50,000 for riders on the pro circuits and has an average bull score of 22 plus.

I was anxious to see and report on the newest member of the bull team challenge. Drawing the experienced Alexandre Cardoza, 2013 Reserve World Champion Cooper Davis and “on fire” Tanner Bothwell, Moad should be and was pleased with the rider portion of his draw. But as fate would have it a mishap in the buck order would require one of Moad’s team bulls to be turned out and then brought back later in the performance. Bucking off Bothwell at 7.74 and Cooper Davis at 5.82, Cardozo at 5.15, the Moad team bulls would bring down the riders just fractions of a second too soon for Moad’s team to finish in the top 4. 

“Don’t worry about the mule, just load the wagon,” joked Moad. “We are looking forward to our next event”, said the former bareback and bull rider who started his career riding “swamp bulls” purchased as extras in his dad’s commercial cattle buys from Louisiana and Mississippi!