Rookie on the Run

At 19 years old Brennon Eldred has reached the Shootout round on The Road to Cheyenne, qualified   for his first National Finals Rodeo, made the whistle on an unridden bull, posted a 92 point ride, and won a bull riding title in a state where bull riders are born and raised about every ten acres.

“One of the most talented guys I have seen at such a young age in a long time,” said CBR Stock Contractor Chad Ramer about one of the youngest and hottest new bull riders on the trail in the professional bull riding industry. “He was an excellent rider from a young age, and that is saying a lot…we put him on the rankest bulls when he was very young, he never quit, he had the desire, he has so much try,” continued Ramer. 

According to Ramer he is the only rider to make the whistle on 717 Next Contestant who is owned and hauled by Rockin R Bucking Bulls. That is saying something with 2012 PRCA World Champion Cody Teel, NFR qualifiers Aaron Pass, Ardie Maier, Chandler Bownds and PBR superstar Sean Willingham amongst the list of bull riders that have been pitted against the bull over the last two years.

Eldred was born in Ardmore, Oklahoma and resides in nearby Sulphur.  He is the middle child of his family and got on a four legged bovine for the first time at Rocking R Ranch when he was 5 years old and according to Ramer he never looked back. He continued to ride calves, graduated to steers then bulls learning by riding the rank bulls on Tuesday nights at D&H Cattle Co weekly buck outs. His theory was if you can ride can ride anything. Those Tuesday night buck outs with Ramer and the Page’s paid off. In 2008 and 2009, he was the Oklahoma Jr. High School Bull Riding State Champion.  

This hog hunting, golf playing bull rider decided to ride in Amateur associations and rodeos instead of High School Rodeo and it seems to have paid off with him qualifying for his first National Finals Rodeo this year after attending about 80 plus rodeos.

But don’t think this Austin Powers look alike had an easy road. He has fought back in 2014 from a torn ACL and meniscus injury and got a late start to the season after a run in last fall with one of Jeff Harris’ bulls in the Jacksonville, Texas Horizon Series event.  In his words, “I blew my knee out and it took me out until April so I had a lot of catch up to do,” said Eldred. 

He obviously hit the dirt scoring as he achieved the pinnacle of his young career in May riding Kish’s 836 What A Ball for 92 points in the PRCA rodeo in Redding.

In CBR competition, he made it to the Final Four Shootout round in only his second Road to Cheyenne event and with no hesitation; he picked the unridden rank World Champion Bucking Bull of the Year, Penny Lover. Coming down early and missing the $50,000 payday at Conroe last weekend has served only to inspire him as he is looking forward to a rematch. 

“He felt good for the first few seconds and then he got out from underneath me,” said the all business Eldred. What would you do different? “More effort,” he answered emphatically.  

So who is behind this young gun? CBR commentator and former professional bull rider Cody Whitney. “He taught me how to ride and has been there for me since day one,” said Eldred.

What bull would you like to draw? “All of them, the CBR has such great bulls there is not one I don’t want to get on.”

Looking back on riding in the Final Four for the $50,000 purse at the Conroe event last weekend, it was the first time Brennon had ridden for that amount of prize money. “You have to take them one bull at a time, with that much money on the line it was a little pressure but I knew I had to get the job done, I went at it like any other bull. Wanted to make the whistle and win.”

The Okie bull rider travels in good company with Cody Teel and Trevor Kastner garnering inspiration from the seasoned athletes. “They are ahead of me, but they know I am going to ride some bulls and be at their heels,” said Eldred with a little laugh. “They have all the pressure on them,” added the protégé that plans to win a world title on the backs of the rankest bucking bulls available! 


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Get up and follow the sun

There's such a lot in forgiving

You're like a man on the run…..


To see if Brennon Eldred can ride three to win the $70,000 prize money on October 18th in Mercedes, Texas follow on Facebook, and twitter. For more information contact Leigh Ann Schroeder at 940.902.1112 or