Bull Teams Reload: The New Tough Guys in Town

The CBR’s Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge started the 2015 season on August 28, 2014 in Huron, South Dakota, with mostly familiar faces on the “other side of the ride”. As they continue to prepare for the remaining two events of the fall season, the bull team owners and managers are constantly analyzing and combing the country to find the right combination of bucking talent.

Team Cunningham/Scoggins are the new names on the owners side of the depth chart, but Mark Cunningham, West, Texas, is not a new face behind the bucking chutes. Mark has been dabbling in bucking stock for years and is a friendly face at CBR events. Mark was instrumental in the benefit bull riding produced by CBR for the community of West after a plant explosion with the force of a small earthquake claimed the lives and homes of many of its residents on April 17, 2013.

It has been a long time aspiration of Mark’s to purchase a team and 2015 is his year to fulfill that dream. He partnered with Dusty Scoggins of the Rocking S Ranch for additional bull power and we can’t wait to see what they bring to the arena.

The following bovine athletes are the new tough guys that the team owners are hoping will be positive player additions to their teams for the new season. 


CRAZY 8 – JQH Bucking Bulls

Stop 1’s winner, JQH Bucking Bulls, is making a change on their roster by trying a younger bull on their team. JQH has two event titles in the bank and you can bet all eyes will be on #1001 Crazy 8 as he debuts on the CBR circuit in Conroe. “He's an 88 Best Shot son that was bred by Randle Tune and has not been bucked a lot,” said owner Skip Jones.  JQHA acquired their new bull at the International Finals Rodeo (IFR) sale in Oklahoma City in January of 2013, and has used the extra time to get him settled in the chutes before bringing him to the professional level tours. “My wife Elaine bought this bull on her own when I was out of town at a meeting in Florida, it’s worked out pretty good,” communicated Jones.   


955 WHITE WINGS – 7 Rocking X Ranch/Cude Bucking Bulls

Acquiring talented bucking bulls has always been a characteristic of the 7 Rocking X Ranch.  While on the northern swing through the Dakotas, Mike Jones and Benny Cude acquired #955, a Plumber bred bull who they noticed was a solid, consistent bucker. In contrast to Cude’s unridden Penny Lover, this bull is ridden most of the time for scores in the upper 80’s. Changing his name from Super Cella to White Wings, 955 is expected to be an integral part of our bull teams for the 2015 Road to Cheyenne reported Jones.


#4 ROGAINE – Rocking R Bucking Bulls

#4 Rogaine made his debut on the Road to Cheyenne at the World Finals in Cheyenne. Substituting for Rocking R’s cowboy favorite, #903 Big and Sexy, #4 bucked off Cooper Kanngiesser in 2.79 seconds to earn a 43.0 bull score. He was not on Rockin R’s team in Huron, so we are looking forward to seeing what he brings, power wise, to Conroe and is he one of the newer “rank ones” known to be associated with Chad Ramer’s lineup.


#49 HERMES – Billy Jones and Steve Ferguson

2012 Stock Contractor of the Year, Billy Jones, has been retooling his line-up of buckers and partners.  Partnering in 2015 with one of the American Quarter Horse Association’s leading exhibitors, Steve Ferguson, Jones will no doubt bring a star studded lineup to Conroe.  All three of his Conroe team bulls are nominated for the prestigious National Finals Rodeo roster.

#49 Hermes, a son of bucking bull of the year Buckeye and out of a Dillinger daughter, falls into that same category as #4 Rogaine; we have seen him once on the Road to Cheyenne. He debuted in Cheyenne for King and Herrington’s team with top ranking cowboy Eli Vastbinder riding him for 89 points with a 43.5 bull score. 

He has been ridden 4 of 11 times on the PRCA and PBR circuits with an average ride score of 88.3. Good news if you are a right handed rider, but lefties will statistically not have the same outcome. Jones and Ferguson’s odds are looking good for a re-match on Hermes. Six CBR riders (Cole Echols, Tanner Learmont, Tanner Bothwell, Clayton Foltyn, Eli Vastbinder, Sage Kimzey) have been on this bull at previous PRCA rodeos with Eli and Sage being the only rider’s to outlast the whistle. Hermes and Kimzey won the PRCA title at Claremore, Oklahoma.


123 TABASCO – Steve Ferguson & Billy Jones

#123 is grandson of Bodacious and out of a Cowboy Cut daughter. Right handed cowboys will be happy to see their name next to his on the draw.  Attempted by both Trey Benton and Aaron Pass, Tabasco has been ridden 3 of 8 times on the record for an average ride score of 89.67 points with a 43.7 bull score. Benton was a 92 on him in Pecos at a PRCA rodeo in June of this year which was a lifetime high marked score for this bull.


Cunningham and Dusty Scoggins

For their debut in the CBR Bull Team Challenge, this new team in town started their selection process bucking about 15 head of bulls that they considered contenders. Working with an elimination process they then narrowed to 6, then 5, four, and finally settling on the 3 4-year olds described below:


-20 RED DIRT ROAD was raised on and by the Rocking S Ranch. He has bucked a few times in the Fort Worth Stockyards Horizon event series so some of the riders have seen him before, but for the most part he is new to the tour.


C51 BLENDED WHISKEY is described as a showy black bull that is rider friendly and built to score a lot of points on if you make the whistle.


990 HARD WHISKEY will be in the Semi Final round. He is an electric and showy fast bucking spinner. If you ride him it will be for big points.


Welcome Mark and Dusty and good luck!

Regardless of whether you root for the riders or the bulls, Conroe is shaping up to be a great event for fans of both.

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