Juan Munoz Andrade Creates One of a Kind Saddle for One of a Kind Cowboys

 Juan Munoz Andrade Creates One of a Kind Saddle for One of a Kind Cowboys

It is no secret newly crowned CBR World Champion Sage Steele Kimzey won $100,000 dollars and a gold buckle last month. But standing next to Sage in the arena was a one of a kind custom work of art that will probably last longer than the memories of that great night in Cheyenne.

Juan Jose Munoz Andrade has spent ten years crafting western saddles, and his innovation, tenacity, and passion has landed him his dream job.

“We have been honored in making the CBR World Champion trophy saddle for 3 years now,” said Juan.

Juan, who admits to repeatedly watching video tapes of Tuff Hedeman’s greatest rides, reiterates that while the eye catching silver and tooling is what attracts people to a saddle it is the construction of the tree and the superiority of the materials used that are most important to the quality of the saddle. 

“That particular piece takes anywhere from forty to eighty man hours just to build the basic part, the hand tooling and silverwork add even more to the production time,” continued the saddle maker from Chihuahua, Mexico. It is here that Juan Andrade shares the passion behind his life’s work.

What is your background with bull riding? I rode a few bulls in junior rodeos and a few in amateur rodeos, but I hope to always be involved in the sport that I love.  I know Tuff, he is such a great guy and anyone that is interested in bull riding knows who he is. He is one of the legends of the sport of bull riding and rodeo.

What products do you make? We also make horse tack and leather accessories like belts, briefcases, rope bags, etc. as well as silver work like trophy buckles, and conchos and saddle hardware.

Why did you choose leather and silverwork as a profession? Leather work is such an interesting Job, it’s been there for centuries, and it’s a big part of the Western Heritage, it can change a little bit from one region to another but basics are the same, I think the best advices I got about making horse tack and saddles was: horse, rider and looks, if you follow that order, you will be on the right track.

When did you get started?  I have always been interested in leather and silver work. It started as a hobby and I started full time about 10 years ago.

How did you learn to craft saddles? I am still learning. I think that is the beauty of it, and I think that if you think you can’t get better you are done. I am proud of my crew, they try to get better with each piece and I am there to make sure the customers get what they want and a little bit extra!

Who are your customers? There are some top ropers that use our saddles and I especially love to see our saddles used on a daily basis by ranch hands and professionals competing at the rodeos.  

Embracing a craft with love, honor and integrity explains the passion that sets Juan apart from other saddle makers. His work goes from his heart into his hands.

“I think everybody that loves his job puts that something extra in it, we try to build each saddle as good as we can,” Juan Munoz Andrade. 

If you're looking for some great leatherwork on chaps, saddles, belts, wallets, briefcases, tack, whatever, check out our Juan Jose Muñoz Andrade on Facebook. CBR regulars know his work from the many trophy buckles and prizes he provides along The Road to Cheyenne. In addition to the trophy saddle, he handcrafted the Del Rio Championship buckle and last year he donated the Champion Buckle for the benefit bull riding in West, Texas. He is back living in Mexico and still producing awesome work. You can find him and contact him thru his Juan Jose Munoz Andrade facebook page or by email at