Victories Abound at CBR World Finals

Victories Abound at CBR World Finals

Champions Emerge in Final Showdown in Cheyenne

The tension was thick in the cool night air above the Cheyenne Frontier Days arena. It was the final show in the Road to Cheyenne tour and the top-24 bull riders in Championship Bull Riding world standings vied for both the event championship title worth $50,000 and the world championship title worth $100,000. 

Two men walked away with the honors. One, Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Oklahoma, was the victor in a nail-biting battle with Trey Benton, Rock Island, Texas, for the world championship title. The second, Event Champion, Neil Holmes, Houston, Texas, saw his shot at the prize in the night’s event and held on tight. 

It all came down to this, the second night of the CBR World Finals, in determining the world champion. With Kimzey leading the average by a mere 78 points, it was a fight to the finish against Benton.

The first round of the evening would see all 24 riders, slates clean from the previous night’s event, attempt to advance to the 12 spots allotted in the semi-finals round. Things were off to a rocky start with J.W. Harris receiving a no score when his free hand touched the first bull out. 

Three buck-offs followed, until Aaron Pass, ranked no. 3 in the world standings wowed the crowd with a 90.5 on B&M Bucking Bulls’ Karaoke. The capacity crowd was on fire after that and was rewarded with a 90 point ride from Kimzey on Bean Counter Buckin’ Bulls, Thunder Down Under. 

CBR Color-Commentator, and 8-Time-World Champion Bull Rider, Don Gay, credited Kimzey with a good sense of timing in riding the bull. 

But title contender, Trey Benton, was not going down without a fight and he successfully covered his first bull, Flab Slab from The Jaynes Gang/ Team Dial & Mead, even after the bull stumbled and fell. Benton stuck like glue in the mishap and came out with a score of 78.5. He did not take the re-ride option but advanced to the semi-finals round. Immediately following Benton was Holmes who was not going to give up in his quest to emerge a winner. After almost being unseated by the Lyndal Hurst bull, Got It, Holmes recovered, and a 90.5 score set him on a course toward the event championship title. 

Another dark horse in the competition came in the form of Corey Maier, Timberlake South Dakota. Maier was the only rider besides Kimzey to ride all five bulls over the two-day event in Cheyenne. He started out the evening strong, matching Holmes’s score with a 90.5 on Rockin R Bucking Bulls #2, Little Moody. 

In the semi-finals round, things were off to a rocky start with eight buck offs; seven of them consecutive. But four riders quickly redeemed the round with successful rides. 

The four survivors to advance to the final round were Holmes, Maier, and in edge-of-your-seat anticipation, world title hopefuls, Kimzey and Benton. Holmes, with his eye on the prize, turned in a ride worth 92.5 points on Loe/Melton’s Crimson King. This ride won Holmes the event champion title and $50,000. Much to the crowd’s delight, he relished in his score by jumping up on the fence and throwing his arms in the air. 

Not to be discounted, Maier kept his five ride eight-second-streak with a 91 on The Jaynes Gang’s Outside The Box.

For Benton, the chase for the world title ended with a buck off by Johnson Cattle Co./ Rawson’s bull Hijacked. 

Kimzey was the last to ride, and his bull, Ragin’ JT of Barrett/ Craig/ Keeton’s bull team, allowed Kimzey to finish victorious with a 91 point score and as the 2014 CBR World Champion. 

There in the arena to congratulate Kimzey on his win was his father, NFR Barrelman, Ted Kimzey and special guests Clyde and Elsie Frost, parents of the fallen World Champion Bull Rider, Lane Frost. 

“We couldn’t be prouder,” said Elsie when presenting Kimzey with his award. She added that the Frosts had watched Kimzey grow up riding in Oklahoma. For Kimzey, the win hadn’t fully set in when he went into the arena to accept his prize, but he expressed gratitude to CBR for providing quality bucking stock for the competitions. 

Behind the riders, or underneath them rather, is an entirely different quest for a world title and it’s with the quality bucking stock Kimzey cited. 

Stock contractors and their bulls were also in a race to be no. 1 and cash in on a $100,000 bonus. 

Accomplishing this feat for 2014, was the bull team Cude Energy with owner Benny Cude accepting the award on behalf of his group. Cude Energy’s total points to win came to 285.89 for the world finals event. Teams Barrett/Craig/ Keeton/ Mid States Rodeo Co. and Nicole Porter split second and third with 285 points each. 

Payouts: Riders: Sage Kimzey, $107,000, Neil Holmes, $50,000, Trey Benton, $7,000 and Corey Maier, $7,000 
Stock Contractors: Cude Energy $100,000, Barrett/Craig/Keeton/ Mid States Rodeo Co. $42,500 and Nicole Porter $42,500 

Round 1, (1,2&3) Neil Holmes, Houston Texas, 90.5 and Corey Maier, Timber Lake, South Dakota 90.5, Aaron Pass, Mesquite, Texas, 90.5 4. Sage Kimzey, Strong City, Oklahoma, 90) 5.Cody Rostockyj, Hillsboro, Texas, 89.5 Round 2 (1&2) Trey Benton, Rock Island, Texas, 90 and Corey Maier, 90. 3. Sage Kimzey, 89.5 4.Neil Holmes, 88.5 Round 3, 1. Neil Holmes, 92.5 (2&3) Sage Kimzey, 91 and Corey Maier, 91.