2014 Smokey Mountain Fan Favorite - Aaron Pass

Aaron Pass - 2014 Smokey Mountain Snuff Fan Favorite
Among the many story-lines entering the World Finals - Rookie Sits Atop Standings, Past Champions in Contention, Rallying After Injury - is one bull rider that seems to have quietly stayed near the top all year long. Consistency is key for this Dallas native whose gritty and hard-nosed riding ignites fans in a way known ONLY to the REAL Cowboy SportŪ. Because of this overwhelming popularity Smokey Mountain Snuff and Championship Bull Riding are proud to add one more story-line to the mix - Fan Favorite in Perfect Position to Win the Crown
Congratulations Aaron Pass on being voted Smokey Mountain Fan Favorite! Best of luck at the 2014 CBR World Finals at Cheyenne Frontier Days!