By the Numbers

By the Numbers

Trey Benton Leads the Pack for the most 90 point plus rides on The Road to Cheyenne Tour

Bull riding is filled with cutting edge stats that try to predict rider performance.  Rider’s averages, bull score averages, round wins, and the dubious rider stat that attempts to predict how a cowboy will fair against the industry’s top ranked bulls. But the only statistic that really counts is the score at the end of the 8 seconds. This year both the riders and bulls broke records with an astounding 58 90-point plus rides on The Road to Cheyenne.

It has been a record breaking year for the CBR during their 2014 season. There is magic in turning an average draw into the high marked score on tour and while some of the faces have remained the same, it was the new names that made the headlines for the most part. Rookie sensation Sage Kimzey scored the highest regular season ride taming Benny Cude’s No Hands in Bossier City, La., on March 29th. The rider favorite bull is a son of Cowboy Casanova, a son of Terry William’s Millennium, and out of a daughter of Sports Machine. No Hands, now owned by Benny Cude Bucking Bulls was bred by Carl Wilburn of Simms, Texas.

Five of the twenty-four, including the #1 ranked Sage Kimzey, CBR World Finals qualifiers are considered rookies, they either just turned 18 and/or pro. The top 5 names in the current standings are all familiar to CBR fans at this point, but two riders in the top five, Sage Kimzey and Eli Vastbinder, are true rookies while Pass, Benton, and Teel are all seasoned veterans of the tour. 

While there is a correlation between the 90 point plus rides and making the World Finals this season, all but one rider scoring in the elite 90.5 or higher club qualified for the World Finals in Cheyenne. Trey Benton, posted eight 90 point plus rides, three of which came from the same event in Bossier City, Louisiana. Missing the first nine of the fourteen events, Benton more than made up for it in the last few months. Following Benton was Aaron Pass with seven. Kimzey had six in his first CBR season, while Cooper Davis scored five. Chandler Bownds, Neil Holmes, Eli Vastbinder and Cody Teel posted four, Holmes scoring two on the same night at the last event of the season in Del Rio, Texas.

Listed below are the 90.5 rides or above from the 2014 Road to Cheyenne Tour.

93.5 Sage Kimzey 929 No Hands Bossier City, LA Benny Cude
92.5 Aaron Pass 46 Little Moody Hobbs, NM Rockin R
Kritter Lamb K912 All Shook Up Lufkin, TX Loe/Melton
Trey Benton CR Corpus Red Laughlin, NV Knapp Rodeo
Trey Benton 050 Gold Buckle Fort Worth, TX Hurst/Craig/Barrett
Simao Da Silva K912 All Shook Up Lufkin, TX Loe/Melton
92 Aaron Pass Bet on Black Mulvane, KS Mike Rawson
Cooper Davis 929 No Hands Laughlin, NV Benny Cude
91.5 Cooper Davis L743 Raven’s Mistake Jackson, TN Mike Rawson
Cooper Davis 846 Black Betty Jackson, TN Flyn D/Mike Sellers
Sage Kimzey 846 Black Betty Mulvane, KS Flyn D/Mike Sellers
Michael Earl 188 Got It Rio Rancho, TX Lyndal Hurst
Cody Teel 027 Mayhem Lufkin, TX Craig/Barrett/Keeton
Chan. Bownds 33-8 Raging JT Lufkin, TX Craig/Barrett/Keeton
91 Sage Kimzey 801 Razor Blade Mulvane, KS Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
C. Bownds 211  Iron Horse Del Rio, TX Lyndal Hurst
Neil Holmes 33-8 Ragin JT Del Rio, TX Craig/Barrett/Keeton
Neil Holmes 952 Nashville Del Rio, TX Box K/Herrington
C.Bownds  K912 All Shook Up Del Rio, TX Loe/Melton
Cooper Davis American Gangster Laughlin, NV Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
Aaron Pass Arm Candy Lufkin, TX Pointed Rock
Eli Vastbinder Shoot Out Lights Bossier City, LA Loe/Melton
Trey Benton Party All Time Bossier City, LA Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
Trey Benton U48 Warrior Bossier City, LA Silver Creek Pro Rodeo
90.5 Aaron Pass 117 Booger Red Huron, SD Chad Berger
Aaron Pass 298 Hippy Music Mulvane, KS Greg Talbert
Trey Benton C735 Jack Tar Fort Worth, TX JQH – Skip Jones
Chandler B. 716 Me Too Scottsdale, AZ H-M/Benny Cude
Eli Vastbinder 846 Black Betty Bossier City, LA Flyn D/Mike Sellers
Cody Teel 905 Red Rocket Jackson, TN Pointed Rock Cattle Co
Cody Teel CR Corpus Red El Paso, TX Knapp Rodeo
Cooper Davis Evil Knievel Hobbs, TX JQH – Skip Jones
Trey Benton 513 Buffalo Hump Del Rio, TX Greg Talbert
C. Murphy Black Betty Del Rio, TX Flyn D/Sellers
Clayton Foltyn 33-8 Ragin JT Del Rio, TX Craig/Barrett/Keeton
Sage Kimzey 052 American Fire El Paso, TX Silvercreek Pro Rodeo
Craig Jackson Flab Slab Rio Rancho, TX Exclusive Genetics
C. Kanngiesser 327 Evil Knievel Jackson, TN JQH – Skip Jones
Taylor Toves 33-8 Ragin JT Laughlin, NV Craig/Barrett
Cody Rostockyj 9595 Bet On Black Laughlin, NV Mike Rawson

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