Championship Bull Riding Taps Pro Rodeo Legend Don Gay to Announce 2014 World Finals

For 30 years Don Gay has been broadcasting bull riding. During that time he has become more than just a play by play man. He is the voice of the bull rider and the bull. The voice of hope for a cowboy to make the eight second ride.

Gay, unquestionably the most decorated rider in the history of the sport, will join Tuff Hedeman in the legendary Frontier Park arena on July 21st and 22nd in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Gay will join professional announcer Andy Stewart for the third consecutive year as the color commentator offering the fans, and the cowboys, a play by play assessment of the CBR 2014 World Finals action for the two day event. 

There is something unique about Don Gay’s style of analyzing. Coining phrases such as “yard dart”, referring to a cowboy who was thrown hard off of a bull, Gay offers constructive criticism to the rider while breaking down the mechanics of the effort for the audience. “He is both a coach and a critic and will provide the fans a unique experience at the World Championships”, said CBR Chief Executive Officer Benny Cude.

Gay, born in 1953 in Mesquite, Texas grew up in a rodeo family, son of PRCA stock contractor Neal Gay. He began riding steers at age 6 and had a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association permit before finishing high school. Helping his family raise livestock for rodeos he also played high school football where “Suddenly”, Gay recalls bitterly, “this guy says I can’t hang around with cowboys. Well, my family was in the business. I told him to take his football and shove it. Then he yelled out “There’s a quitter! You are the scum of the earth! You’ll never amount to anything.”

Don Gay won four consecutive world championships, 1974-77, the PRCA season championship in 1978, and then followed with another three consecutive titles, 1979-81. Since he won his last world crown in 1984, Gay has held the record with eight bull riding world titles. Experts in the sport have called him the greatest bull rider of all time, a sentiment that was reinforced as Gay was one of the original inductees in to the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1979 when it was founded.  Identifying him as the “standard” of the sport, the prestigious Texas Sports Hall of Fame inducted Gay in 1996.

Since 2009, Gay has been teaching television audiences (and contestants) about bull riding including the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for Great American Country (GAC). He was the original broadcaster for the Professional Bull Riders from 1994 – 2001, and was inducted into their Ring of Honor in 1997. From 2003 – 2007 he was the television broadcaster for the PRCA’s Extreme Bulls tour.

He continues to be involved in CBR providing live announcing at many of the televised tour events. In 2011, he launched his own semi-professional bull riding organization, The Don Gay Bull Riding Tour, which sanctions events annually across the United States. In 2013, Gay was inducted into the elite ProRodeo Legends club. The award is given each year, since 2006, honoring a rodeo legend who continues to devote their time and energy to the rodeo community. Don lives in Mesquite, Texas with his wife Terri and has one daughter, Talli.