Hometown Cowboy is Cowtown Champion



By Leigh Ann Schroeder

January 11, 2014


Ft. Worth, Texas - In the late 1800's, Fort Worth, Texas was the king of the cattle industry and earned its nickname - Cowtown. It became the place to be for cowboys looking for entertainment on the Chisholm Trail's last stop before the long cattle drive north to Kansas City.


Fast-forward to January 10, 2014 and real cowboys still stroll the sidewalks among the vibrant restaurants, live music, and Championship Bull Riding's (CBR) Cowtown Horizon Series.


Since 2010, the Cowtown Coliseum, site of the first indoor rodeo in the United States, has been home to Championship Bull Riding's entry level qualifying tour every Friday night. Young bull riders from around the world compete hoping to qualify for the CBR Horizon Series and televised Road to Cheyenne Tour.


Fifteen years ago Drew Doggett, the arena director of the weekly Fort Worth Stockyards Rodeo, strapped his four-year-old son Dane on a calf and according to Dane "it just stuck".  Now at nineteen years of age Doggett was perfectly at home lowering himself into the chutes at the Cowtown Stockyards Horizon Series Finals on Friday night in Fort Worth, Texas for what would become his first Horizon Series win over a field of 25 bull riders.


Doggett drew one of the CBR's top touring bulls and high marked bull of the night, J.C. Knapp's Corpus Red.  After making the bull's first wicked jump he knew he was headed for a big score. "I did what I needed to do and it worked out", according to Doggett. "I know he is one of the good ones going down the road with Knapp Rodeo and I have seen him for a long time and wanted to get on him, I had my shot and I wasn't going to waste it." Doggett was rewarded 91 points for his efforts as became just the fourth bull rider to make the whistle on J.C. Knapp's superstar bull who led Knapp and Frick's team to the bull team challenge win as well.


Doggett, who grew up working and riding in this the most storied arena in bull riding history, was surrounded by family and friends for his first win in the Cowtown Coliseum. Doggett's plans for the future included making the whistle as many times as he can and waiting on the call inviting him to the CBR's nationwide televised tour.

 Dave Roth photo

Cowtown Horizon Series Championship Results 

1.         91 - Dane Doggett, Springtown, Texas (2,325.00)

2.         86 - Skylar Sims, Peculiar, Missouri (1,743.00)

3.         85 - Joao Vieira, Sao Paulo, Brazil (1,162.00)

4.         83 - Tanner Learmont, Godley, Texas (581.25)