Bucking Bull Games Pay Serious Cash

Bucking Bull Games Pay Serious Cash

By Brenda Matamoros


In its third year, the Million Dollar Bucking Bull Championship the largest purse for any bucking bull event in the history of the sport took place on Saturday, December 14, 2013 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Only one from the 25 two-year-old bulls from Exclusive Genetics would be the champion, staking his claim on the $1,000,000 purse, an unprecedented $500,000 of which going to the owner of the winning bull. 

This years winner was a cantankerous bull named ZY Hez Twisted trained by Billy Jaynes, president of Exclusive Genetics and owned by Ladonna Connors, Kris Allen, Leap of Faith Bucking Bulls, and 2J Bucking Bulls. 

He has been a challenge. I actually trained him but hes jumped out of arenas, jumped over fences. Hes been a handful but hes been worth every bit of trouble today, Jaynes said. I knew he was going to be something good but I didnt think he was going to be the champion. Hes been so schizo that I wasnt sure he would ever settle down enough to get him to do well and just focus on his bucking."

But according to Jaynes, when it came time to win, ZY Hez Twisted had what it took. 

He had buck which was getting off his front end; he has kick which is getting off his back end; he had spin; he got right out of the gate and stayed in the stem every second, Jaynes said. He also had intensity. Intensity is something hes always had and thats something that separates the good ones from the bad ones."

Adding to its repertoire of spectacular events, EG not only crowned the crowds favorite bull as champion, but they also had the chance to root for top class bull riders in the inaugural Million Dollar Bucking Bull and Bull Rider Tournament at the Las Vegas Convention Center that took place Friday, December 13, 2013.


Photo by Kierce Photography

Current leader in the CBR world standings and newly crowned champion bull rider of the Exclusive Genetics Bucking Bull Games, Aaron Pass, won $17,500 on the 2010 ABBI champ and CBR tour regular, Ragin JT. Although Pass didnt make it to the buzzer, his ride time was calculated with the bulls score over a weeks worth of competitions. On the last Friday of the competition, both bull and rider scored 95.28 points, clinching the title.

I feel lucky that all my fans out there made the smart choice for me and it worked out, Pass said.  When asked what he was going to do with his winnings, he said, My wife is pregnant and we are going to save the money to pay for the baby, who comes in June.

The format of the event is interactive. Right before the round starts, the riders are introduced to the crowd and then, through a live bid auction, find out who they will ride, determined by each high bidder selecting which cowboy they want on which bull.

We dont have a random draw. They sell the bull rider and who ever buys the bull picks the rider they want to get on him. And it all depends on who has the best bull rider on the best bull, Pass said. Its exciting, Ive had Ragin JT twice up here now and Ive ridden him in the CBR. The fans saw me ride him on TV and they thought it was great to see me ride him again. Both times Ive rode him Ive done well and got to move on to the next round.

According to Jaynes, the reason for the bull riding format is because owners of the bulls were getting disgruntled because they would pay these high entry fees in these events and they had no control over getting a quality rider or a bad rider. So they've often wanted to have control to be able to put whom they wanted on their bull, Jaynes said. What ended up happening was that the owners of the bulls that were buying bids and going high to try to get the better bull rider for the day on their bull. They knew that every second you rode the bull they got an extra point for. That is actually our slogan, every second counts.