Championship Bull Riding Welcomes Renegade

Championship Bull Riding Welcomes New Event Coordinator

November 14, 2013

By Dakota Missildine

Championship Bull Riding is happy to announce a new addition to the CBR staff; Jennifer Dickson of Stephenville, Texas is now serving as CBR Event Coordinator. After one week on the job, she couldnít be more excited about this new opportunity.

Many responsibilities fall underneath her Event Coordinator umbrella such as the bull teams, futurity teams and horizon events to name a few. A main part of her job is also being the direct contact for stock contractors. Jennifer said, ďIíll be wearing a lot of different hats and doing a little bit of everything. Being able to put a majority of my focus on the stock contractors needs and helping them achieve their goals is one aspect Iím really looking forward to.Ē

Growing up in Georgia, Jenniferís mom rode English and her dad was a cowboy. ďI grew up being involved in pony clubs and 4-H and started running barrels when I was in college at the University of Georgia. I was traveling with my sister, Joy, at the time, and she was riding bulls. I figured I might as well start entering instead of sitting in the stands. And we never seemed to get out of it.Ē

Jennifer credits her mother for being a strong role model for her and her sisters. ďMom raised us by herself. She was a single mother of 4 girls and was an extreme influence on us.  Weíre very close knit and support each other.Ē

Jenniferís supportive nature is what actually spurred her to make the move to Texas. Her sister Joy Hawks, founder of Rhinestone Renegades, had started a horse publication and needed an extra hand to help with advertising. ďI was a mortgage underwriter for a huge company at the time with high stress. I had been with them for 6 years and had just had back surgery. While I was recuperating, Joy asked me to help her sell advertisements for the magazine. Then, Joy just told me I was going to have to move to Texas to help her. I wanted something different, so my daughter and I moved to Stephenville.Ē

The skill set Jennifer brings to the table is diverse and comes from her involvement in multiple facets of the rodeo and western industries. Jennifer finished her Business Degree at Tarleton State University while selling advertisements for the horse publication. Then, she handled marketing for the American Bucking Horse Registry and became heavily involved with the Rhinestone Renegades.

For the past 3 years, Jennifer has been working at Mid Texas Veterinary Associates in Gustine, Texas with Dr. Lisa Willis. ďI had gotten some hay from Lisa and she told me I could work it off by helping her. Then it turned into a full time job where I did whatever was needed. Whether it was office work, cleaning stalls or vet tech work, Iíd do it. I donít feel like anything is beneath me by any means. Lisa works on large animals, but about 75% of her work is with bucking bulls. She works on about ĺ of the bulls going to the CBR events.Ē

ďI know most of the stock contractors already either through working at the vet clinic or through Joy. Iíve been to quite a few CBR events, and Iím glad to already have those connections. It makes it easier starting out and everyone has been so patient and supportive. I was getting emails, texts and phone calls from people the first day just to welcome me. I didnít plan on my life being about bulls. Iím really more of a horse person, but it just happened. It feels like family now, and Iím grateful to be part of it all.Ē

While it may not have been what she planned, Jenniferís understanding of and love for the bucking bull industry combined with her strong work ethic is a perfect addition to the CBR team which is focused on bettering the sport for cowboys and stock contractors alike.

Most Saturdays, you can find her either at a bull riding or bucking calves with friends. ďI enjoy just hanging out, videoing bucking bulls and vegíing when I donít have somewhere to be.  Itís not very often that I get to do something quiet, but when I do I like to read. Itís normally go go go on our weekends. Iím used to working Saturdays, because there was no way to predict when someone would need a vetís assistance. I worked a lot of crazy hours when I was at the vet clinic and working weekends was just part of it. Being able to handle working on the weekends will serve me well in working CBR events.Ē

When I asked her about her hobbies, her reply made a lot of sense. ďHobbies? Well if I had time Iíd spend more time with my horses. I used to go to Fort Worth and play soccer, but there just isnít time now. My daughter keeps me busy and Iím very much THE Aunt for my nieces and nephews. Then, I pretty much just live and breathe work. I enjoy learning new things and learning all the fine details within the CBR will be my new hobby.Ē

Leigh Ann Schroeder Editor of The Short Round Magazine, the official publication of the CBR, shared, "Jennifer is a bucking bull industry insider.  She understands both the demands of event production and has demonstrated the organization skills it takes to promote and sustain a professional athletic association like Championship Bull Riding. We are excited to work with her as the CBR prepares to enter the exciting new 2014 schedule."

Jennifer can be reached at CBR HQ in Fort Worth at 817-626-BULL or