2013 CBR Champion Cole Echols Puts a Gold Buckle on His Stellar Season

2013 CBR Champion Cole Echols Puts a Gold Buckle on His Stellar Season

 How would you describe the American cowboy? Strong, rugged, steadfast? Humble and shocked would best describe cowboy Cole Echols, who is basking in the afterglow of capturing the 2013 CBR World Championship. ďIím glad and Iím pumped about it but I just donít know how to explain it,Ē Cole says. The Louisiana cowboy might be at a loss for words about his new title, but he knows up until now, it is the highlight of his bull riding career.
 Cole is certainly no stranger to Championship Bull Riding with five CBR World Finals qualifications. Although heíd put together a couple event wins, until this year Cole had never come close to capturing the world title. The 2013 Road to Cheyenne Tour was a different story.
 Cole leapt to the top of the standings earlier this year when he pocketed over $43,000 with an event win in Dodge City. He continued riding well, finished in the money at several events and maintained his lead all the way to the CBR World Championships at Cheyenne Frontier Days. ďI stayed on and stayed healthy so I was consistent in my riding,Ē Cole says.
 Going into the finals, Cole knew the championship was his to win Ė or lose. ďI didnít think I had it wrapped up but I knew I had a pretty good chance. I had a bull or a bull-and-a-half lead on everybody and I didnít plan on falling off so I was pretty confident,Ē Cole says. With the idea that he just had to make qualified rides and let things fall into place, Cole put together two 88-point rides and an 85-point score to seal the deal on his gold buckle and a check for $100,000.
 ďCBR has the best payout. You can win $43,000 at one event and thatís a pretty big deal when you do it for a living,Ē Cole says. Then again, Coleís not one to hoard his riches. His traveling partner, Cooper Davis, finished the year in second place behind Cole. Earlier in the season the two men had agreed to split the bonus should either one win. True to his word, Cole split his bonus right down the middle with his friend and competitor.
 Cowboys like Cole arenít the same type of cowboys who worked cattle drives a hundred years ago but itís plain to see some of the values and the cowboy integrity that has carried through. After all, when was the last time you saw a winning Super Bowl team hand half of their bonuses to the losing team? You havenít, because professional athletes in most sports would never dream of doing such a thing. Only in rodeo, folks. Only a cowboy.

Angie Gentry is a rodeo and western lifestyle freelance writer from Iowa. She is the former and founding editor of Buckin' Stock Magazine. When she's not writing about bucking bulls Angie makes good use of her bachelors degree in animal science as a salesperson for a livestock supply company.