2013 Stock Contractor of the Year Mike Rawson Remembers Late Friend at Finals

Stock Contractor of the Year Remembers Late Friend at Finals

 2013 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year Mike Rawson helped organize a benefit last fall for his late friend, David Wisener. Wisener, also a stock contractor, was killed in a tragic truck and trailer accident on his way to a bull riding. Wisener hauled bulls for Chuck Griffin at Lufkin Ranch and, at the conclusion of the benefit bull riding, Griffin gave Mike Rawson one of David’s flank ropes they had been able to rescue from the wreckage. That flank touched its first bull hide in more than a year this week at the CBR World Championships at Cheyenne Frontier Days.
 Rawson met Wisener when both men were still riding bulls. They both made the classic transition from bull rider to stock contractor and remained friends. “I contribute a lot of my success to David Wisener, along with Chuck and Patty Griffin from Lufkin Ranch,” Rawson says.
 It seems Wisener was watching over his friend throughout the year. This season, Rawson led the Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge results going into the finals at Cheyenne. He took two teams to finals finishing second with one and tenth with the other. His pen of bulls was deep with talent including Lumberjack and Smiling Bob, the two major standouts on Rawson’s trailer. On the Sunday before World Championships, CBR announced it had selected Mike Rawson as the 2013 Stock Contractor of the Year.
 “I was totally shocked,” Rawson said. “(CBR) was great and they let me go to a lot of Horizon events this year, too. I had a lot of bulls and they had a lot of opportunity to be seen. I think that helped me a lot, but I had a lot of luck too.” After Wisener was killed, Lufkin Ranch got out of the bull business and Rawson was fortunate enough to acquire many of their bulls.
 “I used that flank Chuck gave me on a bull I got from them, Raven’s Mistake, at the finals,” Rawson says. Raven’s Mistake unloaded Trey Benton in round three of the finals while using David Wisener’s flank rope. Rawson has since returned home and re-hung the flank on a mirror in his living room where it’s been for the last year.
 Rawson’s interest in CBR continues to grow, primarily due to the lucrative bull team competition. Last year he had one team. This year he added a second and he plans to have three teams competing next year. “CBR has a friendly atmosphere. All the stock contractors are good people and friends,” said Rawson.
 When he’s not attending CBR events Rawson competes in aged events with organizations like National Bucking Bull Association. He’s on the road a lot but that’s brought him a great deal of success. The future of Rawson Bucking Bulls looks bright and he calls the 2013 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year title the highlight of his stock contracting career so far.