Tuffís Picks for the Final Night in Cheyenne

Tuffís Picks for the Final Night in Cheyenne

 Tonight marks the end of the CBR World Championships and the crowning of a new world champ. While Cole Echols put together two great rides last night, he still doesnít have the title in the bag. All 24 bull riders will compete in tonightís long round and then riders with the top 12 average scores from the first three rounds will advance to the semi-finals. From there, just four riders will advance to the final round of competition. To say itís going to be an exciting night is an understatement.
 One of the matchups Iím looking forward to tonight is Cooper Davis versus Snake Eyes. Cooper got off to a rough start last night when he went 0 for 2 but heís got a good draw tonight. Theyíve been 90 on this bull before. Cooper still has an outside chance to claim the title if Cole Echols is off his game and Cooper rides all three bulls tonight. Itís a long shot but you never know.
 J.W. Harris has Penny Lover from Cude Bucking Bulls. Honestly, I donít know that it really matters what J.W. gets on right now, itís his to ride. He looks like heís riding as good as he ever has and the guyís won three world titles so thatís pretty self-explanatory. He had an absolutely amazing ride last night and if he keeps riding like he has been, heís the guy to beat this week. With J.W. being healthy and confident thereís no telling how well he can do.
 Our 2013 CBR Bull of the Year, Got It from Lyndal Hurst, will make Aaron Pass work for his money tonight. Aaronís made some pretty rides that go to the left and into his hand. He can really ride some big buckers and this bull will go into his hand. I think he could be 92 or 93 on him and it wouldnít surprise me if he won the round.
 Standings leader Cole Echols is in the driverís seat to win the world title and his long round draw could help him seal the deal. Heís got a bull from Rhinestone Renegades called Bad Apple. This bull bucks pretty hard but Cole made some good rides last night. Basically, he just needs to find a way to make the whistle on this bull. Heís rideable but itís certainly not a day off.
 Cody Teel went one for two last night and he has a bull called Fly Boy that was outstanding last night. To me, Cody Teel is right up there with J.W. in terms of being the guy to beat. Even though he bucked off one last night Iíd still give him a chance to win the event because it will be hard for anybody to stay on five bulls.
 The intensity of the World Championships competition is what makes the title so valuable. With the chance to get on five bulls in two days it kind of becomes survival of the fittest. This time of year the guys are also hitting the rodeos pretty heavy, so itís a tough time of year to go after five qualified rides. Then again, if it was easy everybody would do it.
       Tonight is sure to be a challenging end to our season and when the CBR World Champion and CBR Finals Champion are named later this evening - you can bet they will have earned it!