Tuffs Picks for George Paul Memorial- Night Two

Tuff’s Picks for Saturday’s George Paul

 Last night was a great night of bull riding here in Del Rio. The first round of the George Paul didn’t disappoint – there were some monsters for bulls and we saw some amazing riding from the cowboys. Tonight looks to be good again and there should be even more high-scoring rides for fans to enjoy.
 The second guy out tonight is Wes Silcox. He made a great ride last night he’s got an outstanding bull. He’s drawn Cash Daddy that Bonner Bolton won a round on at Hobbs and they won Lubbock with him. Wesley made a perfect ride last night and he’ll use that confidence to put up another big score tonight.
 The Australian, Rhys Angland, has a bull called Spook and this is a bull that really should fit him. He bucked off last night but hopefully he uses that to come back and do well tonight.
 Cole Echols is the defending champion here at the George Paul. He’s having a great year, he’s leading the Road to Cheyenne Tour standings and he was putting together a great ride last night until his bull stopped right at the end. He took the re-ride and got bucked off but he’ll come back tonight wanting a win. He’s got a bull of Lyndal Hurst’s, Palace Station John Doe, that Jared Long won a round in Vegas on. Cole’s got the chance to be 90 or better tonight.
 Chandler Bownds won the round last night and tonight he’s drawn the bull that Wes Silcox had an amazing ride on yesterday, Little Nicky. Chandler had a great ride last night but got bucked off the bounty bull and didn’t win the truck. He’s riding great, though, and Little Nicky should fit him to a tee.
 J.W. Harris has a rematch with High Dollar Habit tonight. This bull bucked him off in Fort Worth but J.W. would have won the round if he had stuck with him. J.W. made a great ride last night and I would bet on him to even the score with High Dollar Habit.
 We had such a great crowd here last night and we can always count on the fans in Del Rio to show up and bring the excitement. I expect tonight will be packed again and there will be a bunch of fans in Del Rio to see who the 36th Annual George Paul Memorial Champion will be.