Tuffs Picks for Tonight's Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge

Itís hard to believe weíre preparing for the 21st annual Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge. I canít believe Iíve been doing this event that long. This was the first event I ever did so Iím always excited about it. But looking at the list of matchups gives me even more reason to look forward to tonight.
J.W. Harris is the first out tonight and heís a guy that doesnít need much of an explanation. Heís a three-time world champion but he hasnít won a CBR event all year. Heís got a bull of Benny Cudeís called High Dollar Habit. This bull really bucks and hasnít been rode in a year or two. Itís not very often you see a guy thatís the first out that wins the round but heís got a chance at it.
Wesley Silcox has Mo Bandy and heís a great bull you can be in the high 80ís or maybe even 90 on. It may or may not be a bull he can win the round on but he should make it back to finals.
Rhys Angland is a kid from Australia. He won a couple rounds in Houston. He has a bull called Canadian Cadillac of Rhinestone Renegadesí. Heís not going to win the round but he could place 5th or 6th with this bull and come back to the finals.
Aaron Pass has a bull called Big Sexy. Aaron has made a couple of the best rides on tour this year but he hasnít made it to the final four yet. Heís had a couple 90-point rides and he has the chance to do that again with this bull.
Josh Barrentine has a bull called 641 and heís having an awful year compared to last year. He just canít seem to put it together. This is a bull that Cooper Kanngiesser was 88 on at Hobbs and itís definitely a bull he should ride and be a lot of points. It could really rebuild his confidence so he can ride like heís capable of.
This is such a great, historic event. Cowtown Coliseum is home of the first indoor rodeo. Itís got a ton of history and itís a great place to watch a bull riding.