Big Crowd Big Money

Big Crowd Big Money
There is one very happy Louisiana cowboy this evening. Veteran CBR rider Cole Echols took home the biggest paycheck of his life for bull riding and the CBR undoubtedly handed over the largest sum of money for one single event this season, $43, 500! It was a remarkable evening and it came down to the final minutes of the show and in the end the crowd at the Roto Mix Dodge City Shootout shared in the glory and impact of what an amazing accomplishment they had just witnessed.
ďLooking at this check, itís just an unbelievable feeling. I really canít believe it. Iím really happy and I plan to stay focused and on the current track Iím on. It all seems to be working,Ē Echols said with a huge smile.
Echols was the only rider to cover a bull in the shootout round which landed him the bulk of tonightís $51,000 purse. In addition to his win tonight, Echols is experiencing a successful season with several wins in both the CBR Horizon Series and PRCA. He is currently ranked in the top 5 in CBR and top 10 in the PRCA.
The Palace Station Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge payout tonight went to Talbert Bucking Bulls who also shared the high marked bull honors (Buffalo Hump) with Jatt Bucking Bulls (Stick). Incidentally, the owner of Stick is 14 year old stock contractor who clearly took pride in his new Hy O Silver buckle and check. 
The CBR Road to Cheyenne continues with a stop in Fort Worth April 6th for the World Famous Tuff Hedeman Championship Challenge. More news and stories on