The Bigger the Money the Better the Ride


Championship Bull Riding is nearly halfway through their 2013 season using the new 8 Second Format and it has become very clear that this is a winning format. Only the best in the world can compete in a strenuous three round format and get compensated for it. With $30,000 paid out every event the incentive for riders to get on is a huge draw but at the end of the night it really is all about the best man standing.

Tuff Hedeman, four-time World Champion and one of the master minds behind the 8 Second Format commented, “Anytime you have a chance to win big money, if you’re human you are naturally going to dig down deep and try a little harder. This is where the difference starts to happen. The cream rises to the top.”

So far this year, no less than 5 world champions from either CBR or PRCA brackets have competed at each event and the remaining 20 competitors consists of former NFR finalists, and standings leaders within both organizations.  2012 PRCA World Champion Cody Teel and High School Rodeo Champion Cooper Davis are just two of the riders enjoying the bigger payouts of the season.

While it is not easy to ride three bulls in a night, it is possible, but talent and will are the key factors. “You don’t get lucky and win at this level, “stated Tuff, “you win because your better.”

The other half of the equation is the major league bull talent CBR has brought to their events through the bull team competition. Tuff scouts each bull personally and only the best are accepted to participate.

“It’s one of the things we do best,” said Tuff. “Not to boast but we have been doing this a long time. We know how to produce a good show and what to look for in bulls.”

All in all it’s been a winning combination. Riders are being compensated for when they ride and win and fans are witness to the best product within the arena that there has ever been. One thing is for sure, Championship Bull Riding will continue to revolutionize the bull riding world by creating a product everyone will benefit from.