El Paso Matchups

Tuff’s Picks for El Paso


CBR is ready to bring some world class bull riding to West Texas. This area has the best fans in the country and they’re going to see some of the best matchups in the business tonight.

Cooper Kangiesser has War Paint and he’s an outstanding bull that bucked J.W. Harris off last week right at the whistle. J.W. probably would have won the event on him. War Paint should fit Cooper so he’s got an excellent chance to win the round.

Ardie Maier has a bull called Blue Bucks of Chris Knapp’s. He’s a good bull and Ardie’s probably not going to win the round on him but he’s got a good shot at being in the top five or seven.

The matchup of the first round is probably going to be Bonner Bolton on Nitro’s Carillo Cartel. He’s arguably one of the best bulls at the event. They should ride him more than they do but every time they do ride him they’re 90-something and first place. The bull’s a great bull for Bonner and he’s been riding well.

Craig Jackson is hard to bet against at El Paso. He’s won the event here the last two years and he’s drawn a bull called Dennis the Menace for tonight’s round. He’s a pretty good bull but Craig’s along shot to win the round. He should have a chance at being in the top six, though, which should help set him up good for the event.

Cody Teel has bucked off his last two bulls but he can change that tonight with Unfinished Business. This is a bull you can be 88 points or so on and I don’t think there’s any way he’s going to buck off Cody Teel tonight.

El Paso is probably one of my favorite events of the year since I grew up here. We sell out every year and these fans will be as loud and rowdy as anywhere. It’s going to be a fun night on the Road to Cheyenne Tour for sure.