Night Two Matchups from Jackson

Tuff’s Matchups for Saturday in Jackson

 We had a full house last night here in Jackson at the Bud Light Classic and we’re looking to have another great event tonight. We’ve got some great guys going up against some rank bulls so there should be some big scores.
 The first guy up tonight is Tyler Willis on Fu Man Red, which is a really good Dalton Gang bull. He’s real bucky right there in the gate and he’s one that should be rideable. Tyler could be 88 to 90 on him.
 Kyle Sherwood won the round last night with a 91-point ride on Ingenious Michael. The bull he has tonight, Little Stick, was out last night too and slammed Cole Echols pretty hard. It should be a good matchup to watch.
 Corey Bailey is a kid I think is really talented. He got slammed last night and he wasn’t in a very good mood about it. When that happens, you look for a guy with that much talent to bounce back. He’s got a bull of Mike White’s called Big Deal and I think he’ll ride him.
 Josh Barentine has Pretty Cool of Benny Cude’s. Being the reigning champ, I’m sure he wants to start the year where he left off. He’s got his hands full with this bull but I like Josh’s chances.
 Chandler Bownds has Hindu Hotel of Silver Creek Pro Rodeo’s. I talked to Chandler this afternoon and he was just 89 at a rodeo last night. He’s healthy and riding with confidence. The bull he’s got is outstanding and I think Chandler’s got a really good chance to win the round.
 If you’re in the Jackson area there’s still time to get a seat at tonight’s Bud Light Classic. The Oman Arena is one of the best places you’ll ever get to watch a bull riding. The arena’s really small so every seat is right on top of the action. It’s a great chance to catch a piece of the action on this year’s Road to Cheyenne Tour.