Championship Bull Riding and Smokey Mountain Smokeless Tabacco Announces Winner of Fan Favorite Contest

The results are in, and the tallies calculted, by overwhelming majority, Luis Blanco is the winner of the Smokey Mountain Fan Favorite Contest. The contest was launched earlier this year and ran through the entire season of CBR on FSN.  5 riders were selected to participate in the contest. They were World Champion Josh Barentine, Clint Craig, Chandler Bownds, Luis Blanco,  and Craig Jackson. While at one point the voting was quite close, ultimatley the fans of Luis Blanco out voted the other contestants.  Blanco will receive a $1,000 bonus check from Smokey Mountain. 
After the announcement was made, Blanco gave this statement from him home in South Texas, “ Thank you very much to everyone who voted for me. I am very flattered and honored. Thank you Smokey Mountain for your support of the CBR bull riders”.
Smokey Mountain will again launch a Fan Favorite contest for 2013, more information to be released soon. Log on to to lean more about  all their smokeless products.