Update on Bull Fighter Cody Hollums

CBR Bull Fighter Cody Hollums is still in a medically induced coma. Doctors will try to bring Cody out of his medical coma sometime this week and hope that he will wake up on his own. Hollums was stepped on by a bull over two weeks ago at an event in Lufkin. The accident caused a tramatic brain injury, he has been in a coma since then at a Tyler, TX hospital.

The family remains positive and is thankful for the outpouring of support. A support and prayer page was set up on Facebook and thousands of people have posted words of encouragement for Cody and his family.

If you would like to assist Cody Hollums and his family with the mounting costs of his hospital stay - there is an account set up for him. You can send money to the bank or use paypal.

Eddy Hollums FBO Cody Hollums

C/o Community National Bank

PO Box 3903

Midland, Texas 79702   

Routing # 11612873

Account #10283444

(432) 262-1600