CBR Announces Ground Breaking New Format

In 2011, Championship Bull Riding (CBR) launched the now very successful Million Dollar Bull Team Challenge giving bull owners the opportunity to make additional money in the industry and is now following its aggressive and innovative approach to the sport by introducing the new CBR Eight Seconds (:08) Format.  The ground breaking format was put into effect at the first event of the 2013 CBR season in Huron, South Dakota August 30th and reviews have been overwhelmingly in its favor.
2011 CBR World Champion and CBR stock holder Clayton Foltyn commented, “This concept was put together with the rider in mind. If you can ride, you are going to make money. I wish I had played a bigger part last week, it sure looked fun and can’t wait to get in there and win!”
The CBR Eight Seconds (:08) Format is designed to further elevate the sport of bull riding as a legitimate profession. The performance based approach pays out money to every bull rider that rides his bull for the entire eight seconds in each of the three high energy rounds.  No entry fees are asked of the rider and only 24 invitations will given out to each 2013 CINCH Tour event. The top invites are awarded to the top 10 in the CBR World Standings, followed by 10 special invites and the 4 top names in the Horizon Series.  A pool of $30,000 is added to each event and there will be three rounds of competition. During the first round, each qualified ride will receive $500. The top 12 will be called back for a second round in which every qualified ride will be awarded $750.  The final shoot-out round will be a “sudden death round” where the top four riders with the highest averages from round one and two will be given a chance at the remainder of the pool. The top score, in the final round only will win the larger percentage of the pool with the rest divided among the remaining qualified rides.  If there is not a qualified ride in the final round, the pool will carry over to the next CINCH Tour event and be added to the initial $30,000 pool.
“This new format is all about the ride and the sport of bull riding,” stated 2012 CBR Reserve Champion Luis Blanco. “It gives riders the opportunity to make a living at the sport we all love so much.”
Added 2012 CBR World Champion Josh Barentine, “This will demonstrate what a good rider is, because in order to potentially cover three bulls in a competition, you need to be the best. I think this is one of the greatest things that has happened for bull riding.  I can’t wait to get back into the CBR arena a make some money.”
The remainder of the 2013 CINCH CBR Tour will resume in January. A final schedule of events is to be released soon.