2012 CBR Stock Contractor of the Year: Billy Jones

Every year Championship Bull Riding honors a stock provider known for bringing great bulls and supporting the mission of CBR. That individual is named Stock Contractor of the Year and the 2012 recipient is Billy Jones from Texas.
 Billy’s bulls frequent the short go of many CBR Cinch Tour events. At the 35th Annual George Paul Memorial Bull Riding in 2012, his bull 78 Poker Face was the Ram Country Bounty Bull. Poker Face was unridden going into the event and kept his streak alive when the gate was opened before Luis Blanco nodded. Fortunately, Billy also had the reserve bounty bull, Jiminy Cricket. Luis Blanco rode Jimeny Cricket to win a new Dodge truck from Ram Country Dodge.
 Having a pen full of potential bounty bulls is what makes a great stock contractor. With bulls like Poker Face, Jiminy Cricket, Cowboy Coffee, The Big Cat and Louisiana Purchase on his truck, it’s no wonder Billy Jones has a new Stock Contractor of the Year buckle. Poker Face and Cowboy Coffee both have average marks of more than 22 points and are ranked in the top 100 bulls going down the road by In addition to many short go appearances Billy’s bulls consistently carry CBR riders to the pay window, which is what makes a good pen of bulls.
       Although awards such as these are won at events, Billy stresses the work behind the scenes is what creates success. “I put my bulls first. I live and breathe these bulls. Only about five percent of the work happens at the bull riding. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work you put in all year long. All the stars lined up for us this year,” Billy says.