CBR Evan Williams Bull Fighter of The Year

When this scrawny young kid came on to the bull riding scene five years ago no one gave him a second look. Tall and lanky at 6’5”, you would never believe that in these last three years he has earned two CBR Bull Fighter of the Year awards and is one of the most respected bull fighters in the industry. It all started when Terry Williams threw him out in the arena one day when they were in a bind for a guy to fight bulls.  By the end of the day, Williams had spotted some real guts and talent in the young man from Gilmer, Texas.

“I knew that day he was gonna be good. He had the “IT” it takes to be a good bull fighter, and  I told Tuff and Ray Clary that they needed to give him a go on the CBR Tour, “ says Williams.

In the four years he has been on the CINCH CBR Tour, Loden had literally put it all out there for the bull riders, and in return they have voiced their thanks by voting him Bull Fighter of the Year twice. He has fought through serious injuries to be in the arena because it is what he loves to do.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else in the world. This is it, it is what I love to do and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I doesn’t matter if I’m in pain, I want to be there to help these guys out. A lot of them are my friends, and no matter what I want to always have their back, “ stated Loden.

But he is also modest in giving credit to his fellow Evan Williams Bull Fighters- Matt Baldwin, Cody Hollums, and Kenny Bergeron.

“It’s not a one man show out there in the arena you have to have a good team. Those guys make me what I am today. I share this award with them because they are my team.”

Loden has other big responsibilities, besides looking out for bull riders he works full time on the CBR production crew and is a father of 3. He would say that being a father is the most important work he does and keeps him the busiest.

“Laken, Kaden and Kasen, with those three, and work, there is no time for anything else,” laughs Loden.

Ray Clary, CBR Production Manager, and Loden’s boss, comments on the changes he has seen in him over the years, “There are definitely some real changes I have seen in Brandon. He’s matured not only as a man and father but as a bull fighter. He has developed his skill, is quicker, thinks better and also has been a leader for the new guys coming up the ranks. I don’t think there is any bull rider out there that wouldn’t want Brandon in there corner in that arena.”

We feel the same way, congratulations to Brandon Loden, 2012 CBR Bull Fighter of the Year.